Wind Creek Casino Players Wins Jackpot But Forgets To Grab Voucher? What Happens Next?

Wind Creek Casino Players Wins Jackpot But Forgets To Grab Voucher What Happens Next

Wind Creek Casino Players Wins Jackpot But Forgets To Grab Voucher What Happens Next
A lot of casino visitors play slots for years without ever getting close to the jackpot. Only a small percentage of players are lucky enough to hit big at some point. And when that happens, the excitement can often be so overwhelming that you become oblivious to anything else around you.

Almost $2,000 Left on the Casino Floor

And that’s exactly what happened to a jackpot winner at the Wind Creek Casino. A lucky player hit the jackpot on one of the casino’s slots. Still, he had it stolen in a matter of moments. You may ask yourself how on earth does someone’s jackpot gets stolen? The 40-year-old man, who chose to remain anonymous, scored a big win of just under $2,000. To be precise, $1,956. However, the winner, a New York resident, got so excited and carried away with the win that he forgot to pick up his voucher.

In the old times when the money would start pouring out of the machine when someone hits a jackpot. Things work a bit differently now. The slot machine prints out a voucher which can be cashed out later. As the fortuitous customer forgot to grab this valuable piece of paper, someone else walked by and did it instead. According to the Pennsylvania State Police, it was likely the next person who wandered by the slot machine in question. A thief simply pounced upon the opportunity, picked up the voucher, and cashed it at the kiosk. So far, the state troopers haven’t offered any additional information. So, we’ll see what happens next.

A lot of people commenting on the case on social media wonder is it even fair to call this a theft. The winner missed out on the payout solely to carelessness. It’s also very likely that there was some alcohol involved. And, the person who found it was simply lucky enough to stumble upon it.

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More than $35 million of Unclaimed Vouchers

Lately, this kind of thing is becoming a common occurrence at the casinos. According to the reports, Vegas casinos see these mistakes on a regular. In the last five years, an incredible amount of more than $35 million in winnings have not been cashed out in Nevada casinos. All due to the winners forgetting the vouchers on slot and video machines.

Transitioning from the coin-based jackpots to tickets was supposed to make things easier for everyone involved. But, apparently, some players would have been better off by collecting their winnings on the spot. The Nevada gaming regulations state that the tickets are valid until the expiry date set by the casino. Or, up to 180 days after the win takes place. With that much money left unclaimed in that period of time, it’s obvious that a lot of players are more than forgetful.

There have been some calls to put all this money to good use. Las Vegas assemblyman, William Horne, tried to push the legislation that would do just that. He pushed a bill proposing that 75% of all the revenue from the unclaimed tickets should be distributed to the state’s general funds. The casinos would be allowed to keep the remaining 25%.

Source: Slot machine jackpot stolen after Wind Creek winner forgets to grab voucher


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