Tourism In Las Vegas Continue To Rise As Non-Gaming Facilities Contribute To The Upsurge

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Tourism In Las Vegas Continue To Rise As Non-Gaming Facilities Contribute To The Upsurge

Gaming operators in Las Vegas have every reason to smile. This is after the number of tourists checking their gaming resorts continue to rise day after day.

The operators are now making real money online casino gambling sites a sector that many believe is the backbone of Las Vegas’ development. See how Lowering Gambling Age In Nevada Encounters Strong Opposition In Silver State.

Interestingly, visitors who come in the city, spend a lot doing shopping, dining, and even spending nights in various nightclubs in the metropolis.

Recent data shows that revenue collected in different gaming facilities in Southern Nevada alone is slowly surpassing market estimates.

The survey that was conducted recently says that the current situation is very different from previous days when an influx of tourists could flock only in casinos.

Today, there is no difference in the number of visitors especially those from different states in the U.S. and foreigners checking in nightclubs, restaurants, high-end shopping centers, pools and those that check in gaming casinos.

Last year alone, more than 42.9 million people, most of whom were foreigners, visited the southern part of Nevada in 2016. According to the report compiled by LVCVA, and presented by Jeremy Aguero, that was 16.3% increment from the year before, which according to market observers, was a year that broke the record of visitors checking into the region.

In aggregate, says that report, those visitors spent approximately $30.5 billion that year! That means that averagely, every visitor who checked in any of the social centers, used at least $827, the number that is more than $100 for each person from the $721 each person spent in 2015.

It is good to remember that all the money the report talks of, remained in Las Vegas to do various projects such as paying of employees, tax, renovations, new facilities, and more.

Another sector that has also seen a surge is the convention attendance, which has a new record of more than 7.1% compared to 2015’s attendance. Las Vegas Casinos Attracted 42.9 Million Visitors To Her Cities In 2016.

The aim of the economic report that was presented by Mr. Aguero was to show what and the much that has been achieved by the influx of visitors especially the 2016’s twelve months compared to 2015.

Improvement Needed

Although the report showed a plus in the tourism sector, with the positive economic impact evidenced by many, there report found loopholes that authorities need to address immediately.

Nearly a half of those who are considered employed in Southern Nevada have the jobs thanks to the tourism sector. In fact, the numbers are 407, 000, which is 44.2% of the ’employed population’.

That means; if today the sector faces a challenge, because it is normal, close to a half of Southern Nevada’s ’employed class’ would be rendered jobless. That would be devastating!

While reacting on the need to diversify, Mr. Aguero said, “Although the report seems colorful in terms of the numbers of those that check in to our hotels, it is unfortunate that we’ve lagged behind when it comes to diversification and economic development. We remain the very least diversified economy in relation to our real size.”

Jack Gold

Jack Gold

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