State-Run Casinos’ Proposal In North Dakota Face Stiff Opposition By Tribal Protests

North Dakota Casino

North Dakota Casino

Ever since announcing its bid to establish state-run gaming resorts outside designated tribal lands, authorities in North Dakota have not heard or seen peace.

This follows fierce protests that were launched by the state’s tribal groups. The tribal groups have vowed to do anything and everything within their powers to ensure that the state does not go ahead with their plan to establish a gaming resort in an area that is not allowed by the constitution.

The tribes argue that the state and the federal law have been violated. Bad Weather, Massive Protests Affect Revenue Collections In Standing Rock Sioux’s Casino.

Before the issue of creating a state-run gaming facility outside the area that is alleged to be beyond tribal boundaries was raised, the tribal groups had another complaint.

The Dakota Pipeline, a channel the state said will benefit the rest of the residents that passed amid their surrounding thus cutting the highway that brought clients to their sole social amenity angered the residents.

Since the authority stayed firm with the project, the tribal group took to the street demanding for the immediate stalling of the project saying that by shutting down the only highway that brought visitors to the gaming resort, is depriving the Native tribe’s right to living.

The new bill recommends that the number of casinos be raised from the current number, which is six that are owned by Indians, to 12.

Although some say that if that happens, the state would be making real money online casino gambling sites a big economy booster, there are those who maintain that it would bring a negative impact to the current Indian casinos. Click here to read about the Yankton, South Dakota Residents, Officials Think A Casino Can Be Built Near Missouri River.

Whether that is true or not, the answer will be available soon, when the people of North Dakota will have a chance to air their views by voting for or against the proposal.

Al Carlson, the House Majority Leader, who introduced the proposal, said that if only people knew the benefit the bill has for them, they would have given it their utmost support.

Part of the bill’s comprehensive agenda, says Carlson, is for the state to introduce attractions that are destination-oriented. If they are finally adopted, as the bill rightly puts it, revenue collected from those ‘destinations that are attraction-oriented’ would aid in cutting or even eliminating corporate income tax that overwhelm various companies and state sales tax, or even remove the taxes completely.

In a recent interview, Carlson spoke of the bill as a friendly bill that is going to be of benefit to the people of North Dakota.

“Although the bill is so good, the aim is not to remove all other taxes. Instead, the bill will boost the rural communities. Yes, the bill will do that,” he told House Judiciary Committee.

Prairie Knights Casino Loss

As the main highway leading to Prairie Knights was cut off, it is no doubt that the gaming resort would suffer. Just a few days after the start of the demonstration after the highway was cut, Standing Rock Sioux reported that they had a $6 million deficit in their budget.

While the club gives revenue to the state and employs many people from the local community, which has not stopped the Dakota Pipeline from construction, something that will continue to anger North Dakota’s Native tribes for days.

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Jack Gold

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