Lucky Dragon Casino Targets Asian VIP Gamblers

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Lucky Dragon Casino Targets Asian VIP Gamblers

Lucky Dragon Casino operators, who are focused on luring VIP guests of Asian origin is making real money online casino gambling sites.

It is true that it is barely 120 days since the resort opened its doors to the public but current market statistics indicate that there are more Asian visitors mostly the elite group that checks in Las Vegas lately. Their aim is to enjoy games that are offered in the facility.

Many are now saying that they have a good start thanks to the marketing strategy that the operators decided to use. Currently, Lucky Dragon is employing a broad range of games that resonate with the Asian community. They have such games as pai gow and baccarat. Besides, many Asian tycoons love dim sum restaurants that are currently available in Lucky Dragon.

It is also likely that more and more elite visitors will be checking to the resort soon if the proposed modifications will work out in their favor.

In a recently released on what the resort is planning to do, the management is trying to make changes on how rooms will look like, which will create ampler space for those who would like to book for VIP lounge.

In what has been seen by many people who are so much aligned to gambling, changes to the second floor will attract more visitors of the elite class. Lucky Dragon has also said that soon, they will change the entire second floor to a VIP lounge in a bid to attract more clients from the elite community, making the resort look like reputable gaming resorts in Macau.

Additionally, Lucky Dragon has plans to introduce a program called ‘rolling chip,’ which is a program that seeks to award high rollers of the VIP sector. Whether the gambler wins or not, the program will award the player loyalty points because they have used a large sum of money in betting.

However, for one to be allowed to participate in the game, one is required to pay an amount of money, which is usually not less than $10, 000 upfront. This way, operators ensure that they capture those who would want to use their money in betting but in return, award them irrespective of winning or losing the games they have placed the money on safely.

Speaking of their achievement and the need to make the necessary adjustment, Jordan Seager, Lucky Dragon’s Marketing Vice-President said, “We have done extremely well for the four months or so that we’ve been in operation. However, there is still need to create more space to accommodate the ever-increasing number of VIP clients who check in.”

Donald Sloto

Donald Sloto

Donald Sloto grew up in Montreal Canada and has been in the casino gambling business for almost his entire life. He has watched his father work at the Montreal Casino where he has learn a great deal about slot machines, playing poker for real money and several other games. He writes part time for the review and gambling news website.


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