888 Holdings Announces New Profits, Pays Dividends For 5 Consecutive Years

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888 Casino

888 Casino

888 Holdings’ shareholders have every reason to smile after the company announced making new profits this week.

On Wednesday, the company said that its profits had grown to about 82%. After hitting the new profits the company said that it has been easy to pay its dividends for 5 consecutive years.

When making the announcement, Itai Frieberger, who is the Chief Executive, said that it is a big achievement that the company will be paying dividends, something that has been made possible through the consecutive rise of the profits over the past few years. Click here to read about how the State-Run Casinos’ Proposal In North Dakota Face Stiff Opposition By Tribal Protests.

On what will make company raise its shoulders even higher, the company recorded a rise of 7% from its London Exchange. According to company records, there has been a consistent rise for the past seven years, something that has been seen by market observers as the indomitable achievement which is likely to give the company real money online casino gambling sites.

Following the superb performance on the stock market,888 Casino said in a note that it will endeavor consider itself as one of top sporting companies others will be bench-marking in days to come.

“Given the size as well as the superior technology of our company, it is clear that we are the number one sport company that has stood over time, which has translated into giving back to the society. Therefore, we may be regarded as either a huge consolidator or a potential independent sporting company for people to count on,” 888 said in a note.

Rise In Dividends

For five now, investors and shareholders of 888 Holdings have seen their dividends add up from numbers thus the gap between 2012 and 2017 has continued to widen. See how the Lucky Dragon Casino Is Targeting Asian VIP Gamblers.

Speaking of the value of rising in dividends, the company said that for now, it is recommending for the 5.1 cents for every share as a final dividend. This is exclusive of the 2016’s 10.5 cents one-off per share.

“There is absolutely no point of one or a company sitting on whatever cash the company might be having. Many people have sat or stashed their cash but have died leaving them for others who did not sweat on the hard-earned cash to devour them. We can’t do that. The real value of cash is to share it with those who appreciate what you do and are interested in what you are doing. It is true that we are small, but, we have the capacity of doing what we want and we do it for others,” said Itai.

Jack Gold

Jack Gold

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