Salazar Warns Connecticut State Over Satellite Gaming Resort

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Connecticut Casinos Gambling

Connecticut Casinos Gambling

Former U.S. Secretary Interior has strongly warned that Connecticut authority especially the governor that there would be serious legal implications if they go forward with their bid to authorize the establishment of a satellite gaming resort just outside the sovereign tribal land.

Kenneth Salazar pointed out to Dannel Malloy that there will rise serious legal issues if they do not take time to evaluate the economic and legal impact to the area if the satellite casino is set up at the designated place.

Besides, Salazar, who is currently working for MGM Resorts as a consultant, asserts that there will emerge a hurdle for the State of Connecticut to get federal approval in case it wants to establish the new gaming facility.

On his honest opinion, Salazar informed the governor that if the deal finally is approved, it will be a challenge for the state to make real money CT online casino gambling sites thanks to hardship in reaching a revenue-sharing agreement between the state and Mohegan and Mashantucket tribes.

However, Salazar’s stand on the legal and economic implications to the state if the authority finally adopts the satellite expansion bid is ‘ill motivated’.

As a consultant to MGM Resorts, he shares the same feelings as his employer.

MGM Resorts are apprehensive that if the satellite CT online casino is set up, it will be too close to their gaming facility that is under construction.

The giant gaming company is currently building a $950 million gaming property just 13 miles apart. Upon completion, the gaming complex is expected to attract many clients from as far as Massachusetts and beyond.

With all those anticipations, MGM Resorts would be ready to sacrifice anything within the law to ensure that the satellite gaming facility does not succeed. That may entail speaking directly to Governor Malloy.

For a long time, MGM operators have always thought and tried to center their revenue collection on and from Connecticut residents and any diversion will mean that MGM losses millions of dollars. Nobody would be happy if they lost substantial amount of revenue.

Still Difficult Under The Law

Salazar’s words may have some truth. The plan to establish a casino outside the boundaries of the tribal land needs more than the urge to boost revenue for the state’s projects.

It might cost the state a much longer time to implement current laws that govern how to use tribal land.

Because the aim is to expand gaming facilities, by setting a satellite facility, authorities in Connecticut will have to come up with a law or laws, which will give two tribal groups a right to operate a gaming resort that is owned by the state that is built outside a tribal land.

It is even difficult because currently; the State of Connecticut is dealing with MMCT, two Native American Tribes.

For fear that the proposal might actually go ahead, MGM has moved to court claiming that Connecticut’s bid is unconstitutional. MGM’s legal team also argues that the act by the State of Connecticut violates the Commerce Clause.

As the battle goes on, Governor Malloy has asked the State’s AG to look at all legal frameworks to ensure that his party is doing the right thing.

Jack Gold

Jack Gold

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