Best Prop Betting Odds Picks For Bovada’s Sportsbooks Current Political Options

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Best Prop Betting Odds Picks For Bovada’s Sportsbooks Current Political Options

Best Prop Betting Odds Picks For Bovada’s Sportsbooks Current Political Options
The absence of live betting options during the coronavirus health crisis continues. This situation has forced top-rated online sportsbooks such as Bovada to think way out of the box. One area of interest for quite some time has been betting options on political props.

A prop bet takes a particular proposition and adds betting odds to the equation. For example, the proposition question asks, “Will there be a recession in Trump’s 1st term?” The correlating betting odds for this question are -700 for YES and +425 for NO.

What Are Bovada’s Best Bet Options For Current Political Prop Options?

This means that you would have to risk loosing $70 (or $700) to win $10 (or $100) to bet YES as the favored response. You would actually win $42.50 (of $425) for a $10 (or $100) bet on NO. Check out Bovada’s review.

The current president has been under fire since his first day in the White House. The lone attribute that appears to be consistent during Donald Trump’s first three years at the helm is persistence. This is why the prop bet odds that he actually completes is first term are set at -900 for YES and +500 for NO. Although, there should be some level of concern as to why this prop is posted at all.

His odds to win the Republican nomination for the 2020 presidential election are also on the board. Trump has remained a heavy favorite to run for re-election throughout his trials and tribulations.

The current odds are set at -3000. Next on the list is Mike Pence at +1400 followed by Nikki Haley at +5000.

The Democrats are leaning heavily towards Former Vice President Joe Biden’s odds as their candidate. After a strong run through most of the early state primaries, he was able to pull away from the pack. In fact, the other names listed in the prop bet odds for Democratic nominee are not even officially in the race.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s odds to earn the nomination are -900 as the favorite. Still on the list are Andrew Cuomo (+1200), Hillary Clinton (+1400), and Michelle Obama (+4000).

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The race for the White House in 2020 is now pretty much set. Right now, Trump is a -120 favorite to keep his current job and Biden is a +120 second-favorite to take it.

A few of the other names mentioned above are still on the board as longshots. Once again, none of them is actually running for President. It appears that Bovada poker room likes to keep things interesting. Another theory is that the online book is more than willing to take money from stupid bettors.

A few of the more interesting prop options also concern the actual election results. The Democrats are heavy -275 favorites to win the popular vote to make you further question the value of the Electoral College vote.

This party is also set as -300 favorites to retain control of the US House of Representatives. It still appears it will be business as usual in Washington DC come 2021. The Republicans are -180 favorites to retain control of the US Senate.


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