Bitcoin Cash Vs. The BTC Cryptocurrency?


Many cryptocurrency investors, as well as digital currency enthusiasts, are pleased with what is going on within the Bitcoin’s self-wrangles. On what has been dubbed by investors Bitcoin Cash Vs. BTC cryptocurrency battle, the stakeholders claim that the scenario might give birth to something more interesting.

Bitcoin Cash Vs. The BTC Cryptocurrency?

Starting just this week, the fork of Bitcoin or original Bitcoin for that matter is seemingly taking a strange twist. Thanks to this ‘fork’ that is so far the thing that is making the original number one digital currency; the Bitcoin is now worth hundreds of dollars.

According to current statistics, a single unit of the Bitcoin Cash is now trading at some $425. This is so far quite impressive taking consideration of the stiff competition from other digital currencies.

It is now evident that Bitcoin Cash is a reminder of how the digital currency came about. Those who know that history can for sure agree that the cryptocurrency emerged out of a conflict. Yes, Bitcoin Cash is as a result of a rift that came in what is seen as the original community of the Bitcoin. Precisely, the issue of the blockchain, the underlying technical formation of the Bitcoin brought about the Bitcoin Cash.

But the Bitcoin Cash was not gladly received mainly by Coinbase, which is considered the biggest exchange for Bitcoin in the whole world. Although a section of digital currency enthusiasts are happy about the rift thus the increased coin value of Bitcoin Cash, this has not affected the market performance of the original digital currency, the Bitcoin.

A high number of Bitcoin casinoGamblers, digital currency enthusiasts, market, and financial observers, as well as cryptocurrency investors, still hold to the fact that the $2, 760, which is the current value of a single Bitcoin is still a tremendous performance.

The schism thus opens yet another wide door for various technologists, developers and investors to look for more investing opportunities. It is for this sole reason that the Options Exchange Board of Chicago is contemplating on the launching of its derivatives of the bitcoin products early next year.

With many countries and financial institutions showing a lot of support to the Bitcoin, it is reasonable to believe that this digital currency that was launched in mid-2009 is headed for even stronger values in the future.

Whether the rift that is currently witnessed within the world’s ‘oldest’ and most performing digital currency is going to create more investment opportunities for technologists and investors or it is going to decrease the value of the Bitcoin is a puzzle only time will resolve.

Jack Gold

Jack Gold

Jack Gold started to write for the Play Slots 4 Real Money review and news site in 2016. He is from Canada but has traveled all over the world. Mr. Gold has a strong financial background and is a big fan of Bitcoin (BTC). He loves to play poker, slot machines and blackjack when he is at land casinos.


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