Coinbase Gives Away Bitcoin Cash Surprise

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Coinbase Gives Away Bitcoin Cash Surprise | BTC News

Tuesday last week was a big day for Coinbase and bitcoin. Coinbase is a popular is user-friendly to all clients. From its offices in the U.S., this exchange platform seems to be giving its bitcoin cash surprise. This move by the digital currency exchange platform creates a significant impact. First, it is a suspicious pre-launch climbing of the price value. Anyway, after the pre-launch, although suspicious, something happens. The price of the BTC soars. This figure is nearly three times that is on other exchange platforms.

Coinbase Adds Bitcoin Cash To Their Platform

Most noteworthy, this is a very significant volatility. Because of its importance, Coinbase now freezes its transactions. This action creates a lot of confusion amongst other exchange bureaus. But after a few hours, the company says that the move prompts an investigation. The probe does not come easy. Other industry stakeholders cry foul. They argue that Coinbase is not doing the right thing. The real cause is not known. Many digital currency enthusiasts are only speculating. Some say that the threat is real and that it will have a profound effect.

Still, a significant section holds that something needs to be done. Whether it will help or not, they are pointing to the source. At this point, they are arguing that it may be a Reddit threat. About three days before Tuesday, December 18, the Reddit thread reads malice. According to the thread, there is an extremely bullish message. Above all, this is the message that enthusiasts feel has the cause. In part, the thread reads, ATTN: Bitcoin Cash now in the Coinbase API (EXTREMELY BULLISH”.

From that message alone, there is an allegation that points to what it says. If there is a reason to believe the message, then be it. The thread claims that it spots evidence. The letter then is clear. It is a compassionate thing. You have to understand that this is a free market community. Although no regulation of the digital currency, there is the reason to be careful. There are reasons why anyone should handle this matter with care. One of the main reasons is the sensitivity of the digital coin. The second goal is that there are many players.

How This Effects Bitcoin Cash Miners And Coinbase Investors

The players in the industry include investors, millions of miners and exchange platforms.Digital currency experts say that it is not a unique thing. Doctoring screenshots is a healthy thing within the cryptocurrency community. Many other companies in the past do the same. They look for doctored screenshots and other writings to earn their reputation. But this must stop.
Coinbase Gives Away Bitcoin Cash Surprise | BTC News

It is unfortunate that many Reddit followers are giving credit to this screenshot. Because of that, many of them go back to check what the current rates are. As for us, we are not able to confirm because the next time we visit Coinbase, it is live. We are not able to know the value of the digital currency then and now. We are not sure whether this is a scheme by the site or not. In any case, if the price of the bitcoin is soaring, there are many reasons. Many people will benefit in the end.

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