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Do you want to gamble online without having your identity revealed? If so, then the best Samoa online casinos are for you. You can use a virtual private network and cryptocurrencies to play at any of these casinos anonymously. And even if the casino bans you from playing, it will be difficult for them to figure out who you are. We will discuss how to do this in detail below!

Gamblers from Samoa can play at an online casino. This is different from a land-based gambling house, where gamblers have to show their passports. The best online casinos for gamblers from Samoa are the ones that we talk about in our guide.

When it comes to gambling online in Samoa, the law is not very clear. We will explain all of the legal intricacies that you need to know if you want to play at Samoan online casino sites. We will also talk about what trends are going to happen for these sites in the future. In the future, you might not have to use real money to play an online casino. You can use cryptocurrencies.

Top Online Casino Sites Accepting Players From Samoa

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American Samoa Online Casinos

There are certain nations around the world where gambling has never been allowed or regulated for a variety of reasons. While in most situations, it is due to religious convictions, in other cases, governments are afraid to get involved.

American Samoa, for example, is an unincorporated United States territory that has never had land-based casinos. Gaming is severely prohibited in American Samoa because it is an unincorporated US territory. As a result, American Samoa’s gaming regulations are subject to the same laws as those in the rest of the United States.

The Johnson Act, which was modified with the Gambling Devices Act, prohibits the transportation of gambling equipment across US states. This Act bans imports of gaming devices into American Samoa, such as roulette wheels and slot machines, among other things.

As a result, no land-based casinos have ever existed in the region. Citizens looking to gamble at land-based facilities would need to go elsewhere.It’s peculiar because gambling is legal in most tourist spots, at least for visitors, and while American Samoa is a stunning paradise island that attracts tourists, it has never offered these people the opportunity to gamble.

However, the onus for approval has always been with local governments and their authorities. To date, all proposals for cruise ship casinos and land-based gaming have been rejected.

It’s not all bad. American Samoan citizens still have the chance to play bingo. It can be done on the street and in front yards. But there is one catch- you may not get what you want.Prizes are sometimes provided in the form of food products, which are to be shared with those in need. The winner does not profit from such games; instead, the money is donated to charity, schools and churches that require it.

As a result, the bingo activities in American Samoa are not regarded gambling and are therefore permitted.

Some sort of sports betting is permitted by federal law in the United States, thus American Samoa citizens can wager on pari-mutuel horse racing.

Even though the Independent State of Samoa does not have its own national lottery, American Samoan players may play on the National Lotto of the Independent State of Samoa, which is a 7/39 lotto game.


Because gambling is prohibited in American Samoa, it is therefore unlawful to gamble online. In reality, there’s another pertinent legislation that applies in the area, in addition to the Johnson Act.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) prohibits online gambling transactions between players and service providers, even if the law isn’t explicitly prohibiting it.

In fact, go to any reputable online casino’s Terms & Conditions page and you’ll see that American Samoa is one of the prohibited nations. This is because each operator understands how restricted the UIGEA’s online gambling restrictions are, and they don’t want to get involved.

However, there are still reputable online casinos that welcome American Samoan players. Players who wish to gamble will discover lots of options.The problem is that, because the authorities have never implemented any sort of VPN or IP address blocking, some businesses continue to target the market and allow gamers to join.

The problem is that players may now join internet casinos, but they must be aware of the legislation that prohibits online transactions between online casinos.

Fortunately, there are methods to get around this restriction if you want to join internet casinos but are aware that gaming and online gambling is unlawful in your nation.As for enforcement, there are no reports indicating what measures the authorities take against individuals who engaged in gambling or internet gambling. As a result, American Samoan gamers may engage in online gambling to their hearts’ content as long as the online transactions problem is addressed.

American Samoa Online Casinos

Online casinos accessible to American Samoan players are international online casinos. Casinos with this name offer their services to customers from all around the world, as the name indicates.So, an American Samoan player would undoubtedly ask himself or herself: how can I assure myself that the casino I’m about to join is a safe one? That’s a completely reasonable concern..

Playing on a site where internet gambling is illegal might be disconcerting for American Samoan players, who may wonder if they will ever be able to play at an online casino that will safeguard them as customers.

Although there might be issues when it comes to transparency, privacy, and fairness in gambling, the main concern is that if you’re a betting individual who wants to gamble legally from the comfort of your own home. Regulators are vital for ensuring that all customers at a casino are treated fairly and with respect. Fortunately, there are several jurisdictions you can trust. Throughout the years, the online gambling business has grown rapidly, and those that prevented illegal activities were the regulators.

The UK Gambling Commission, as of yet, holds a high reputation among online gambling regulators. The UK has always welcomed both land-based and internet gambling, which is why its regulatory body is so vigilant in ensuring that these activities are carried out correctly.

The Isle of Man, the Malta Gaming Authority, and the Republic of Gamblers are all reputable regulators. While the Government of Curacao has licensed numerous operators in recent years, players are hesitant to do business with it.

When it comes to the actual product, online casinos provide a plethora of alternatives, ranging from games to payment methods and incentives. You may trust that the service will be high-quality since you will have an exceptional gaming experience unlike anything you’ve ever had before.

In the case of online casinos, you can rely on secure sites that use SSL encryption. Encryption is essential since it protects your connection to the casino. This implies that any third parties trying to peer into your personal details or transactions would be unable to do so. DigiCert, VeriSign, and SECTIGO/COMODO.


Online Casino Games at American Samoa Online Casinos

Although American Samoa’s residents are permitted to play bingo, lotteries, and horse races at licensed casinos throughout the world, they have never experienced the excitement of casino games.This means that, whichever online American Samoan gamers choose to join, they will be happy with their choice. The majority of casinos nowadays provide titles from all sorts of online casino games.

Because of the larger number of online casinos available to players in 2019, it’s important for you to carefully consider each casino before selecting one. Many internet casinos provide a selection of game types or stick to one game type entirely, which is unusual. There may be websites that solely offer real money slot games, but scratchcards and instants are usually accessible as well.

Many online casinos, however, provide a variety of games from many developers, and these developers create online casino games for a variety of themes.

Some of the world’s leading software producers have created the real money live casino games available in international online casinos.You don’t need to go too far to find out what games are available. You can play the world’s most popular online casino games, right in America Samoa.

Mobile Betting

By default, mobile gambling is prohibited since it is illegal. Mobile gambling means to gamble online via mobile devices, so you would think that American Samoa players are unable to participate.

However, since American Samoan players can still access certain international online casinos, they may also play on their tablets and smartphones.

Many Android casinos exist on the internet. If you have a Samsung or Huawei tablet or smartphone, you can use it to access these casinos. There are also many Android casinos for iPads and iPhones.

It is also possible to use an app to move between online casinos more quickly. There are several of these internet casinos that have developed an application in order to provide players with the quickest access to their favorite online casino games. These applications allow people to easily navigate through the casino and access it without any issues, in a matter of seconds.

American Samoa Online Banking & Casino Payment Methods

The UIGEA, as previously stated, bans online gambling-related transactions. This, on the other hand, restricts individuals who wish to gamble online from establishing accounts and withdrawing money from internet casinos.

Even after surviving the financial crisis of 2008, your bank account would be frozen so that you would not have access to any funds. In addition, if you’ve had a bad credit score in the past or are likely to do so again (like owing back taxes), your current account will most definitely be restricted.

eWallets and cryptocurrencies are another subject. You can use them for gambling online because you send and receive money through them.You can use your bank account to fund the eWallet. Then you can send money from the eWallet to your bank account and cashing it out. But nobody will know where the money came from.

Since there are no laws that regulate the use of cryptocurrencies in the USA, it is also possible to gamble with cryptocurrencies in American Samoa.

History of Gambling in Samoa

In 2010, all types of gambling aside from the lottery were illegal in Samoa. However, even after casinos were licensed under the new gambling legislation was adopted, a limit on the number of licenses that may be granted was implemented. Only two casino houses have been licensed in Samoa since then, owing to the Gambling Control Authority’s refusal to grant further licenses. Since then, only two casinos have opened in Samoa. The largest gambling establishment in Samoa is Whitesand Casino, which is located in Apia.The casino offers a vast range of games, including 24 table games and 220 gaming machines. Only visitors from abroad can play at these casinos because there is passport control at the entrance.

In 2017, some of the local lawmakers attempted to alter Samoa’s gambling legislation so that people could go to casinos there. However, this move failed. The major reason given by those local officials for not wanting Samoans to gamble at casinos is that it would prevent them from developing a gambling problem. In Samoa, because of this, local casinos continue to be targeted first and foremost at tourists who come for the country’s unique culture and natural beauty. Instead of casino games, local gamblers prefer lotteries and bingo, which are especially popular among locals. There are several lotteries in Samoa, including Oz Lotto.The state runs the National Lotto, Powerball, and Tatslotto lottery games. They are all run by the government. In 2017, a TV adaptation of this game was introduced in Samoa, which is quite popular. To prevent minors from participating in real bingo sessions, the minimum gambling age was set at 21 years old for local people

There are currently no legalized online casinos available from Samoa. All of the greatest internet casinos for Samoan players have always been based in another country. This is why it’s critical to pick a reputable gambling site that welcomes Samoans. Because you already know, determining which online casinos welcome Samoans isn’t as simple as it may appear.However, because there have previously been efforts to allow locals to play in onshore gaming establishments, it is almost guaranteed that soon the first Samoa-based online casinos will start operations. We all hope that local licensing of internet casino platforms will begin in the near future at the Samoan gambling market.


What is the gambling age in American Samoa?

There has never been a specified gambling age in the area despite the fact that gaming is not permitted. However, to join internet casinos, you must be at least 18 years old or older. Some casinos have an upper age limit of 21.

How can I know whether a casino accepts Bitcoin?

There is frequently a choice of payment methods accessible on online casinos, either in the Banking or Deposit/Withdrawal area. You can see whether cryptocurrency is available there.

Can I be sure the games I’m playing are not rigged?

Online casinos are constantly and rigorously tested for fairness by reputable auditors such as iTechLabs, eCOGRA, and TST. If your casino has their logos displayed at the bottom of the homepage, you can feel confident that the games you’re playing are completely fair and random.

How long do cashouts with eWallets take?

Instant deposits and withdrawals are available for eWallets. However, it will take some time for that money to arrive in your bank account, depending on the type of eWallet used.

Must I download an app if available?

– No. It is not necessary to download an app. You may download a game if you wish to have faster access to your favorite games, but it is not required.

Which browsers can I use to access online casinos?

Most online casinos work on any browser, with the exception of Internet Explorer and Safari. The majority of them prefer Chrome or Firefox, although many players also use Microsoft Edge and Safari.

How to know if American Samoa is a restricted country or not?

As previously said, you may review the list of prohibited nations in the Terms and Conditions. However, if you’re trying to join a casino and American Samoa is actually forbidden, the casino will not allow you to continue with the registration process.

Is Samoa a language option at online casinos?

– There are few, if any, online casinos that offer Samoa as a pick option. However, you may discover one that can be translated into other languages. English is the language spoken in all internet casinos, so you’re fine in terms of languages.

Is the US dollar accepted in all international casinos?

The vast majority of online casinos (if not all) take US dollars. It’s a worldwide accepted currency, so don’t expect any issues with its availability in online casinos.

Can American Samoan players participate in promotions at online casinos?

Yes, American Samoan players are allowed to claim bonuses and participate in promotions if they play at an online casino that permits them to do so.




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