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Online casino gambling and sports betting have become a popular pastime around the world, with people from Madagascar included. The best Madagascar online casinos are those that have best-in-class security and offer a wide range of games to choose from. In addition, you should look for an operator that offers anonymous gaming so you can enjoy your time wagering without worrying about being tracked! In this article, we will discuss the following:Best Mobile Casino Slots Apps

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  2. How We Rate Online Casinos
  3. Online Gambling Laws
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Currently, Madagascar has not adopted any clear legislation concerning online casinos. As for cockfighting, the government views these brutal contests as legal and even collects taxes with total stakes made at cockfights. For those who don’t know, Madagascar is an African country with a lot of skin problems. It’s got the most insects in Africa.

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You can find the best online casinos for people from Madagascar with low wagering requirements and rich bonuses below.Besides that, our real money online casino reviews can teach you how to find the best gambling website for Madagascar. We will teach you how to use professionals’ criteria and take them into consideration when choosing a website.

Madagascar has not yet passed laws about gambling online. But you should be aware of the legal issues that we discuss below. The future of the Malagasy online casino platforms will also be discussed in our guide.You might see that soon, there will not be any money at an online casino. Instead of the money being in Madagascar, it will be in cryptocurrencies.


Top Online Casinos In Madagascar

Springbok Casino

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Thunderbolt Casino

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  • Allows Players From Most Countries
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CryptoSlots Casino

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  • Accept Players From All Over The World
  • 1 Million Dollar Sitewide Progressive Jackpot
  • Fast Payouts

Desert Nights Casino

  • Accepts USA Players
  • Unique Casino Games
  • Rival Gaming Software
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  • No Minimum Payout Casino

  • Accepts USA Players
  • Unique Casino Games
  • BetSoft Casino Gaming Software
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  • Live Chat
  • No Minimum Payout
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Scratch Cards
  • Poker Tournaments
  • Mobile Casino

Online Casino Review

How We Rate Online Casinos In Madagascar

Most Trusted Casino Reviews Online

When you are new to the casino games on the internet, it can be confusing. There are many different websites and variations of games. When you first go on the internet to try playing these games, make sure that you choose a website with a game that you know how to play or want to learn more about.

To find the best Malagasy casino, people need to get guidance. They need to make sure it is worth playing at before they play their money there. There are different ways to evaluate a web gambling venue. Below, we tell you about the method that we use to know which casino website is worth choosing for Madagascar based online players.

Licensed Online Casinos Accepting Players From Madagascar

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All Madagascar online casinos have a gambling license. The first thing you need to do is to find out where they are licensed.Most of the top 10 Madagascar online casinos have obtained their licenses from Alderney, Isle of Man or the United Kingdom. These countries have been checked by authorities there.You can find websites for casinos that have license from Malta, Gibraltar, Kahnawake, and Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles). In this case make sure that all the other criteria we mention in our guide are met.

There are some online casino platforms that welcome players from Madagascar in this category. But not all of them are worth being chosen. You should avoid these casinos if they have licenses from Panama, Belize and Costa Rica. These gambling jurisdictions are not considered to be trustworthy.

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When you look for a casino in Madagascar, make sure that it is using good software. The games at many of the best casinos in Madagascar are based on software from Microgaming, NetEnt, and PlayTech.

The Best Online Casinos in Madagascar

There is not a casino in Madagascar. The only casino there is the Colbert Hotel & Casino. There are no land-based or online casinos in Madagascar. People who want to gamble online can use sites from other countries that do not block them from accessing the site.

Play Online Poker From Madagascar

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Poker is only legal in the frames of Madagascar’s casinos. If you play poker outside of Madagascar, it might be illegal and you will not win any prizes. As there are no specific Madagascar online poker laws, there are no online poker licenses in Madagascar that have been offered yet. Foreign online poker sites do not need a license to access the Internet.

Enjoy Online Bingo Games From Madagascar


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There are no online bingo sites in Madagascar.But there are no specific Madagascar laws about it, so the gambling authorities have not given licenses for online bingo sites yet.



Foreign international bingo sites are blocked from accessing the market of Madagascar.

Win A Day Casino Banking Options

Online Casino Payment Methods in Madagascar

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Internet gambling operators who take players from Madagascar want to make sure that their customers feel safe playing games. This is why they provide them with safety in every aspect of the game. For these purposes, they offer secured payment options that mainly rely on the use of credit and debit cards such as VISA or MasterCard. However, there are also other options for depositing and withdrawing money from their websites which include Skrill, PaySafeCard, Trustly or Neteller.

Online Casino Sites Accepting MGA

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Most online casinos that accept US dollars are also accepting Madagascar money. If you are using an online casino that doesn’t support your country’s currency, make sure to set up an account in the currency supported by the site. That way, you will not have to worry about exchanging your money for that specific site and paying fees.

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Before you start playing at an online casino, make sure that the Madagascar currency is accepted. There are not many places that will take this money for deposits. But most people will use different currencies when gambling online.

When you play at a casino in Madagascar, it is important to know what payment methods the casino offers. You can choose to use a credit card like Visa or MasterCard. This will make your payment safe.But in this case, you need to open a bank account in Madagascar. If they want to gamble at top rated mobile casinos, people from Madagascar should use some e-payment methods like PayPal, Skrill or Neteller. When playing online casino games from Madagascar, people can sometimes use such local mobile payment solutions as Airtel and Orange.



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Madagascar Online Gambling Laws, Rules, And Regulations?

Internet gambling is allowed in some places. You should be careful when gambling over the Internet because it might not be allowed in Madagascar.

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Places near Madagascar where people gamble are as follows: there is no law for Internet gambling in Madagascar. But with land-based casinos, they are legal.The lack of Madagascar-based gambling laws, or states only explicitly prohibiting games of chance, has free online gamblers to enjoy an extensive selection of land based and virtual casino properties.

To ensure that the services of a casino they use is at an appropriate level, people should make sure to check that it obtained a license in another jurisdiction. People should be able to tell which websites are good and which websites are not. Madagascar-based gamblers should have many websites that represent the gambling industry.

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Since there are no online gambling licenses for the people in Madagascar, they must check all the criteria to make sure that the casino games are good.If you want to find a safe online casino, you should look it up on your own. When there is more legislation, it will be possible for gamblers to start playing when they are 18. Unlike in the case of online gambling, Madagascar’s legal bodies have long ago regulated other games of chance. For example, starting from 1996 French company PMU has the monopoly right on horse race betting in Madagascar. Besides that, poker and lottery are also legal in this country.

There are no laws in Madagascar that apply to people who play games of chance on the internet. There is also not any law that prohibits them from playing these games.As a result, there are many online casinos where Madagascar players can safely gamble. They need to follow advice from experts so they can find an appropriate website for them.Hopefully in the future there will be regulations for Madagascar. But even now, if you want to play at an online casino for real money, you can choose a variety of gambling websites based in Madagascar.

Madagascar Online Gambling History

Video: History Of Gambling | How US Casino Resorts Got Started

In Malagasy, gambling has been legal for more than 50 years. The first land-based gambling establishment in Madagascar was launched by Le Grand Cercle de Tananarive in 1969.It was not until 1988 that the first slot machines were imported to Madagascar. There are now four big land-based MGA casinos in Madagascar located in Antananarivo and Antsiranana. They mainly have gambling slots and together offer their users around 150 of them. The two biggest terrestrial casinos in Madagascar are Casino Marina Antanan.

In recent years, poker has become popular on Madagascar. The local association that plays poker, Association des Joueurs de Poker de Madagascar, has made an effort to make people more interested in playing this game.In 2014, the first poker room in this country was opened in Besarety. There are also people who play poker from France too. You can find information about the lottery on the internet if you live in Madagascar but it is not available to you right now.

As we have already mentioned at the beginning of our guide, cockfighting is a legal activity in Madagascar, which traces its origins back to the 17th century royal court. Every weekend local residents gather at rural velodromes to watch these fights as authorities collect taxes from owners and bettors alike.

All of the top online casinos for Malagasy players are in offshore jurisdictions. It is hard to find Madagascar people with internet access. But there are still a lot of online casinos that take Malagasy players and they have good games and bonuses. There are online casinos for Malagasy gamblers. One will have to be careful and pick the best ones. Hopefully, as the local economy gets better, Madagascar will regulate their internet gambling market. The day will come when we can see first Madagascar approved online casinos being launched to offer their services to local gamblers.
Online Casinos And The Future of Slots

What Will The Future Of Online Gambling In Madagascar Look Like?

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In this last section, we are going to tell you about future trends in real money casinos. It is important for people to know what might happen in the future. There are some trends that experts say will show up. Some people are worried about using cryptos for gambling. But in Madagascar casinos, it is already being done. Cryptos are perfect for this because they are fast and cheap, and you can be anonymous. Maybe in the future people will use bitcoins or ether to gamble more.

In the next few years, you will be able to play casino games that have a live dealer at your smartphone. It will be easier to play without any interruptions. In the future it is possible that MGA can be used in a casino with other African national currency. This might happen because of new payment methods.

Many gamblers in Madagascar are using mobile phone casino sites because they can hit a huge jackpot while outside or waiting for someone. Mobile casino gambling is becoming more popular and will continue to grow in the future.

USA Online Casino FAQ

Madagascar Casino FAQ

Since online gaming isn’t regulated in Madagascar, you can decide to play at real money casinos or not. On one hand, since there are no laws, we cannot be protected by the law of Madagascan people. But on the other hand, we are not punished for playing games online and can pick the best international venues. If you are wondering which casinos would be the best for you, you can look at our exclusive list of the best Malagasy casinos online.

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Unlike land-based gambling, lottery, and poker which are all legal in Madagascar, online gambling is not. Whether it’s good or not is an open question. But you are free to choose any bookie you want. Not to fail with the choice, we recommend that you pick one of the verified international legitimate bookmakers.

Want To Step Up Your CASINO BONUSES You Need To Read This First

Do Madagascar Online Casinos Offer Free Spins Or A Welcome Bonus?

All Madagascan casinos are owned by people from other countries. There are not many exclusive promotions for MGA deposits, but there still are more than a dozen special bonuses that you can get at the casinos.The most useful perks are bonuses that give you money for free or offer a chance to win more money. These are different from the other perks because you can’t withdraw them until you complete certain requirements, like playing games.

What Payment Methods Can I Use At Madagascar Casinos?


First, you should know that there are no penalties for depositing to an online casino from Madagascar.Second, look at these things to pick the best way to use the gateway: how fast it is, what you pay for it, if there are any bonuses, and whether you can withdraw from the casino. Then pick the best local or international payment channel.


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