Cajun Stud Table Games | Newest Way To Play Poker Online

Cajun Stud Table Games


Ever heard of the term Cajun Stud? The name refers to a new free online poker game that has been developed by Galaxy Gaming. The basics of the game are as easy as the other poker games. Therefore, if you fundamentally understand the basics of traditional poker games, you do not have to worry. Perhaps, what you may need is knowing a few more beautiful details of this table game played using a total of 5 cards called Cajun Stud.

  1. Play Cajun Stud Online Free
  2. Learn About The Online Betting Odds
  3. Learn The Newest Way Of Playing Online Poker
  4. Cajun Stud Strategies
  5. Learn The Rules
  6. Paytable for the Ante and Raise bets:


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However, because it is a different game, yes, anyone can expect it to come with a difference however slight that may be. Granted, the small gap that exists between this new online poker and the traditional poker comes from how complicated it is to play the game.


Cajun Stud Poker
Having mentioned that, it doesn’t mean that you cannot play the game. The complexity that is spoken of here refers to the number of individual side bets, which might prove challenging to others especially those players that have not grasped the full concept of playing the latest versions of real money poker games that are built with a series of side wagers.

For those who’ve tried on this new game, they can tell you for sure that the presence of a series of side bets creates a challenge in the manner of playing if you are the kind of player who has not played a poker game with side bets before. You have to change your approach and strategy.

Learn About The Online Betting Odds

When you think that this is the greatest setback, you might be reminded that what you call a delay isn’t one. In fact, perhaps the most notable benefit that comes with playing Cajun Stud is that this new game comes with fixed odds.

What does that mean? Simply, it means that there are fixed prizes players can walk away with. Of course, the biggest prize in this is when a player’s ante wager is multiplied by 500!

Learn The Newest Way Of Playing Online Poker

It is true that there are a variety of ways of playing games online. That is true because although there is a conventional rule that must be followed, such as paying before starting to wage, it is evident that each online game has its own rules. Online poker mainly Cajun Stud is not by any means exceptional.
Cajun Stud Table Games | Newest Way To Play Poker Online
To start with, when playing this variation, the player must place an ante wager, which will then lead to the player receiving two pocket cards or popularly known as hole cards. Cajun Stud is very different from Texas Holdem and is more similar to Caribbean Draw Poker.

The two cards do not come alone to the player. Instead, the gambler also accepts three community cards that show up at the top of the gaming screen.

Know that if the punter is optimistic that he has sufficient pocket that will accord him a winning hand, the three community cards will each receive a raise. It is also interesting to know that the player has an option to flop in case the player decides to sit the round out.

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Cajun Stud Strategies

Galaxy gaming is stopping at nothing. They want to stun the world with their quality games. Galaxy is behind the new game Cajun Stud.

This game has all qualities and features as Mississippi Stud. The only major difference is that this new game has side bets. They are put in place to ensure they give a player an edge.

You will win lots of money from this game. You only need to pay constant attention. As you know, it is a five-card game. The player has three options. These options he will choose from the games go on.

The player will choose any of the following three options:

Each of the above three decisions has consequences. No single decision is the same as the other the results are different.

It is a wise thing that you know the rules. Without enough information, playing will be hard. You need to understand the rules of the game.

Online Casino Rules

Learn The Rules

You should follow these rules if you want good results:
1. The game will use any number out of the 52 regular cards.
2. The initial bet in all stud games is the ante. But there are additional side bets. In this game, the side bets are:

Feel Free To Place Bets

3. Players are free to make after bets. Each player taking part is dealt two cards. Three community cards are also dealt. All community cards face down.
4. When a player has the knowledge of at least two cards, he will take a step. The player will raise 1x to 3x of the ante or the fold bet.
5. The dealer will at this point reveal the initial community card.
6. The player knows three cards. With that in mind, the player will raise 1x to 3x the ante or the fold bets.

7. It is the time the deal to reveal the identity of the second community card.
8. The player knows four cards. With that in mind, the player will raise 1x to 3x the ante or the fold bets.

9. The dealer shall now deal reveal to all players the identity of the third community card.

10. It is time for making payments for all ante and raises bets. The dealer should follow instructions from the paytable.

11. There shall be payment of Board Bonus. The payment depends on the three community cards.

12. It is time for the payment of Pocket Bonus. The payment shall depend on the player’s two community cards.

14. The last payment of the Lo-Ball. The payment depends on the final card-hand of the player. The object of this payment is the hand scoring lower.

Paytable for the Ante and Raise bets:

It is true that this may look hard. But Cajun Stud is one of the simplest games.


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