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Italy, a member of the European Union, located to the West of Europe, is one of the locations in the world you can enjoy all your gambling thirsts.

Italy Casino List | Online Casinos Accepting Italian Players

As you are about to see, there are interesting betting facts that are underlying from Italy casinos.

Italy’s Gambling Facts You Should Know

In general, although gambling is legalized in Italy, you may not find gambling activities in all cities. Interestingly, 12 major cities allow gambling investment in their municipalities thus gaming investors and various gaming stakeholders have moved to these towns and established gaming facilities.

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Inside Italy casinos, you are likely to enjoy a variety of gaming services such as casino, sports betting as well as poker games. In aggregate, the 12 Italian cities where you can find your preferred games and casino betting, there is a total of 26 gambling facilities that are legalized by the Italian Gaming authorities.

Unlike other places in the world where you are likely to find a wide variety of gaming options, Italy casinos major on sports betting parlors as well as live casinos.

Best Casinos in Rome, Roma, Italy

Twelve cities in Italy that spread across the country each enjoy being the ideal home for gaming facility(s) where many local and foreign visitors check in to enjoy they favorite sports.

Milan, with 1o gambling facilities, is credited to be the largest gaming city in the whole of Italy. When putting together, the ten casinos in Milan have 328 slot machines as well as a few poker tables for those who prefer modern video games. Click here if you live in the United States of America.

Municipale di Campione Casino is located in the city of Campione d’Italia is so far the largest gaming facility in Italy with 778 gaming machines for poker players and 56 table games. Municipale di Campione enjoys the stature of being the biggest casino in the city as well as being the largest facility.

When traveling to Italy, put it in mind that you will be able to find the following gaming services in various gaming facilities:

• Poker tables, which for now are – 2

• Slot machines that are the majority in all gaming facilities – 4, 234

• Table games (the second-largest gaming investment in Italy) – 195

• Some of the notable casinos you will not miss in any gaming journal about Italy are:

Casino De La Vallee

• Casino de la-Vallee, which is credited to be the oldest gaming facility located in Saint Vincent. The casino began on April 29, 1947

• Slottery Las Vegas in Varese started in Jan 1, 2012 and

• Milano Piazzale Corvetto in Milan started in March 14, 2016 among other notable news

About The European Country

Italy is a country in the western part of Europe. Gambling is legal in Italy. This creates a conducive gaming environment. It is enabling many investors to move to move with quick speed. The result is that we are seeing many Italy casinos.

The city with a big number of facilities in Milan. The city has 10 facilities. At number two in Venice.

Venice has 4 casinos. Coming in the third place in Rome, the country’s capital. The city has 4 gaming facilities.

Other major cities have 2 each. Still, there are cities with 1 gaming facility each. Here is how Italy cities share gaming facilities:

Statistics As Per City.

· Milan: 10.

· Venice: 5.

· Rome: 4.

· Saint-Vincent: 2.

· Como: 2.

· Brescia: 2.

· San Remo: 1.

· Varese: 1.

· Savona: 1.

· San Giovanni Teatino: 1.

· Imperia: 1.

· Civitanova Marche: 1.

· Campione d’Italia: 1.

In total, this is how Italy’s gaming looks like. All these statistics are latest.

· 32 casinos.

· 1 Sportsbooks.

· 1 bingo halls.

From the above list, one thing is clear. Italy offers gaming enthusiasts two types of gambling. You will enjoy the following two types of gaming in Italy:

1. Casinos.

2. Sports betting parlors.

The city with the highest number of gaming facilities in Milan. It enjoys having 10 gaming facilities. Because of this and other reasons, Milan receives many visitors each day.

Some gaming facilities in the city are full most days of the week. This forces some casinos to remain open 24/7. Customer care service is superb. You will think that you are visiting a high-end gaming facility in Vegas.

Next to many Italy casinos, you will get hotels. Most of these hotels offer night services to visitors who check in on a daily basis. Hotel rates are very friendly.

The rooms are clean. Many of them have the necessary amenities. Some of them have Wi-Fi, Big screens and pools for customer convenience.

Gambling On The Internet From Italy

A half of Italy facilities offer conference services. That means you can conduct meetings from the casinos. The meeting can be big or small.

Casinos in Milan have 328 gaming and slot machines. From the calculation, each gaming facility has an average of 32 gaming machines.

Casino Municipale di Campione d’Italia i

Of all Italian casinos, Casino Municipale di Campione d’Italia is the largest. The facility is in Campione d’Italia. Casino Municipale has a total of 778 gaming machines. This number includes video and poker machines. There are also 56 table games.

The government of Italy puts in place measures that control gambling. There are responsible bodies that oversee these casinos. They pay revenue to the government.

The government uses the revenue to start different development projects. Most of the projects take place in the host cities. But other development projects take place elsewhere.

Italy casinos also offer employment. Many people work at these gaming facilities. Investors are using the country’s liberal laws to start many casinos. The future of Italian gambling sector is ripe.


Italy Casino List | Online Casinos Accepting Italian Players
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