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Casinos are some of the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland. The country is home to many beautiful ski resorts, alluring lakes, and scenic mountains that attract tourists from around the world. You can enjoy this gorgeous scenery without spending a single penny by visiting an online casino instead! There are plenty of casinos located in Switzerland that offer excellent games with generous bonuses for new players. But if you want to gamble anonymously with coins or tokens like Bitcoin, then there are ways to do so using a VPN and cryptocurrencies. This online gambling guide will explore why these tools are crucial for maintaining your anonymity at Swiss online casinos.

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However, when it comes to internet gambling rules, Switzerland has a negative reputation. Switzerland has long had an excellent reputation across the world, but its web gambling laws have posed challenges. Although it was able to manage land-based gaming businesses recently, the future of Swiss online casino is still uncertain.In 2017, the online casino in Switzerland was given a chance to be acknowledged by the state and local operators were allowed to offer another gambling option.

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Despite the numerous benefits, not all inhabitants are pleased with the prospect. Why? Take a look at our post to learn more about the present condition and future of online gambling in Switzerland. You’ll discover how gambling has evolved over time, see which online casino sites are suitable for Swiss players, and consider whether or Not to pass the Money Gaming Act.

What is the most appealing thing to you? We’ve compiled a great list of Swiss casino sites that are open to foreign players and appreciate Swiss gamblers. It’s an opportunity not available in Switzerland.

Let’s go on an adventure through Swiss gambling history, regulation, and, most importantly, the greatest online casino available to residents of Switzerland!

Top Online Casino Sites Accepting Players From Switzerland


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Play Live Casino Games At Online Swiss Casinos

Claim your welcome bonus at these Swiss casinos online after you study the online Switzerland gambling laws. If you feel it is okay to play at online gambling sites, go ahead and claim your welcome bonus with free spins. The best Swiss online casinos licensed allow you to play online for free before you make a deposit. Try online poker games, online slots, progressive slots, and other games to have the best online casino experience. After you find the right online casino, make a deposit at internet casinos and claim your casino bonuses.

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How We Review Online Casinos In Switzerland

The gaming fans will adore Switzerland. Despite the fact that gambling was outlawed in the country until 1993, when a limited number of land-based gambling enterprises were given the authority to operate, it is now lawful and officially controlled by the state.Although gambling in Switzerland is technically unlawful, it has not been officially defined by the legislation. In 2017, following the discovery that regulating online casino in Switzerland and taxing it was easier than banning and prosecuting offenders, the Government made an attempt to legalize Internet gaming while restricting it to only local businesses.

However, because overseas gambling websites are not yet formally regulated, they continue to grow in popularity, enticing more and more Swiss players to try their hand at it. However, considering the fact that Swiss online casinos are unofficially governed by the local authorities, it is recommended that you restrict yourself to only those sites with a valid license and an open payment options.

Since there are so many excellent Switzerland online casinos, we have chosen only the greatest ones, each of which is a CHF online casino that is mobile friendly.

These online casinos in Switzerland have a great reputation and a great game selection. What else can they offer? Let’s have a look.

Licensed By The Swiss Federal Gaming Board

Despite the fact that there is no legal licensing of online casinos in Switzerland, PlaySlots4RealMoney has compiled a list of casinos with a valid worldwide recognized license. It can assure safe play, secure payment procedures, and fair gaming regulations.The contact information for each leading online casino in Switzerland is typically listed on the site’s landing page (usually in a footer) so that visitors may verify the validity of the license before signing up.

How to Find Secure Online Swiss Casino Sites

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Playing for money on the Internet isn’t something we take lightly. There are plenty of rogue operators out there, which necessitates our investigation and study.Because of this, we thoroughly examine each online casino and the services they provide. We will not include a site’s listing until an operator has been investigated.

One of the most essential aspects of our study is to ensure that you are only browsing through Swiss-licensed and regulated online casinos. In Switzerland, online gaming is strictly regulated, with safeguards for players included. Here are some further measures in our vetting procedure:

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We verify that every prospective online casino is licensed by the Swiss Federal government. The Swiss Federal Gaming Board is the main licensing authority for the country.

We also assess the technical security, third-party accreditation, and player self-exclusion choices accessible at any given CH casino site beyond a valid licence.

We also try to stay on top of things and keep up with developments in Switzerland and Europe, as a whole. Our objective is for our content to be as current as possible.

Online Casino Game Selection

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When it comes to online casino games from overseas operators, their selection should be enough to prove that they are “the best.”Players in Switzerland may select from our top 10 list of online casinos to play at, where they will be able to enjoy the greatest slots, competitive table games, and an unrivaled selection of poker, roulette, and blackjack. For newcomers to practice their skills before playing for real money or simply for everyone to play for fun.

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  • カジノホールデム
  • バカラ
  • カリビアンスタッドポーカー
  • Three Card Poker
  • ルーレット
  • クラシックスロット
  • ブラックジャック
  • シックボー
  • Progresive Jackpot Games
  • Dream Catcher
  • スポーツくじ
  • パイゴウポーカー
  • キノ
  • ビデオポーカー
  • クラップス

Best Mobile Casino Slots AppsMany Swiss online casino sites provide access to all of the games discussed above. You will have the option of playing some of the most popular slot machines on the Internet.



Where Can I Play Live Dealer Roulette For Money Online? Live Casinos

The Best Live Casinos in Switzerland

それになると live dealer gaming, we feel that it has become one of the most engaging forms of real money casino gambling. Live tables are real-time games streamed directly to your gadget, similar to other table games. Players in Switzerland can participate in live dealer betting action and enjoy blackjack, roulette, casino poker, baccarat, and more. Live gaming’s major selling point is immersion; the format allows you to immerse yourself in the casino atmosphere.


Mobile Casinos + Android & iOS Apps and Direct Browser Access

Modern online casinos in Switzerland offer a wide range of features to appeal to a larger audience. As you may expect, mobile online casinos in Switzerland provide compatibility with mobile devices. You’ll be able to play your favorite casino games on your PC as well as from your phone, thanks to this feature. A comprehensive selection of slots and table games is accessible from anywhere.

Every respectable online casino offers a mobile version. Typically, you may play the games using a specialized or browser-based app. Choosing a strategy is a personal choice, and you have the option to do so when presented with a chance. In a separate note, mobile casinos provide all of the capabilities of their desktop counterparts. This implies that you may always count on customer care, banking, incentives, and other services.


Swiss Online Casinos Should Be Easy To Navigate

To be the finest online casino for Swiss gamblers, it is not enough to merely provide a beautiful collection of breathtaking online casino games accessible to people in Switzerland.Swiss online casinos with the best reputations provide a friendly interface that clearly and logically lists all of the instructions and regulations. The website’s structure is flawless, and you may easily go from one area to the next.

Casino Customer Support

Customer Support At Swiss Online Casinos

Another important element in selecting Switzerland’s top online casino is language support. It’s a significant benefit over similar websites if the player has the option to gamble in a particular language. Because Switzerland has four official languages: French, Italian, German, and Romansh, this factor is particularly significant there.

Do you want to gamble? If so, there are many ways to do it. One way is to use a casino online. You can find the best casinos online in Switzerland and choose one for yourself. Each of these has 24/7 customer service. They will help you with any problems you have starting with registration and ending with payments.


Online Banking Options

neosurf casinos banking

Even if all Swiss online casinos are technically illegal, there are numerous foreign gambling websites that enable CHF operations via credit and debit cards, e-wallets, PayPal, and other payment methods. The top 10 online casinos in Switzerland, located outside of the country and included in our list, provide a wide range of secure payment options for you to make deposits and withdrawals.

Casino Payments + How to Make Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

neosurf casino bankingWay before players can wager cash any money, they first must have a casino balance. We will help with this process, by offering you access to several banking solutions. When it comes to Swiss casino online banking methods, they can range from credit and debit cards all the way to e-wallets and prepaid card services. Each method offers its own list of benefits and drawbacks.

neosurf casino australia banking

E-wallets are the most popular choice for most gamers since they enable for the quickest transactions while yet remaining low-cost. Of course, you may experiment with different options to determine if any of them better fulfill your needs. The following are some of Switzerland’s most common payment procedures:


When we looked at the criteria that we need for a good Swiss casino website, we found that PlaySlots4RealMoney is a good place to go. You can also try playing free games on our website before you play for money.After you’ve completed this step, you’ll be confident in your abilities when it comes to selecting the finest online Swiss casino for real money play. Our list of Switzerland online casinos is updated on a regular basis, so you’ll never get bored!

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Switzerland Online Gambling Laws, Rules And Regulations?

Switzerland was banned from gambling until 1921. The ban lasted until 1993 when land-based casinos were allowed to get licenses. Now there are 21 brick-and-mortar gambling entities in the state. There is also online gambling, but what is the situation like with that? Let’s take a closer look.

In Switzerland, the government only issues licenses for brick-and-mortar casinos. They don’t allow online gambling in Switzerland. So you won’t find any legal online casinos in this country.But, because there are no laws to stop gambling in Switzerland, gamblers play at websites that are outside of the country. These sites are safe for Swiss people, but this does not result in punishment. The banks also do not have any problems with processing payments for these online casinos.

Which regulatory body controls online gambling in Switzerland?

The Swiss Federal Council is the only legal authority permitted to issue gambling licenses and set their expiration dates.

What are the main online gambling laws in Switzerland?

The Money Gaming Act is not in power yet. It will make the law more clear about what you can do online. We are waiting for this to happen so that people will be able to play more on the internet, not just in Switzerland. People are welcome to play at foreign online casinos with real money, but they can’t do it

However, to make sure you are playing it safe when gambling, you should only play on online casinos that are safe. If something goes wrong, the laws in Switzerland will not protect you. PlaySlots4RealMoney can help you find a site that is reputable and won’t do anything bad to your money or identity.

The age at which people in Switzerland are allowed to gamble on the internet is not defined until after the necessary legislation has taken effect. Swiss gamers must be at least 18 years old to gamble in land-based casinos.

What is the current state of online gambling in Switzerland?

In order to follow the lead of more developed countries, Switzerland has made it possible to gamble online. The government has passed a law called the Money Gaming Act.

On September 29, 2017, gambling was legalized in Switzerland. There were previously a bunch of different laws for online gambling. But now there is only the one law and it allows people to gamble as long as they are residents of Switzerland and they go to an A or B rated casino.In order to cater to the local casino market, the bill will only allow casinos in Switzerland to operate as real online casinos. Switzerland gamers will be permitted to use their talents at international online casinos.Switzerland authorities will pay any companies that lose money because of new online gambling laws. But some politicians say no to blocking the websites of overseas casinos that are legal in Switzerland. They want to vote on whether or not to adopt the Money Gaming Act, which is an election day on June 10, 2018.

Switzerland Gambling History

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It should be noted that, as previously said, the country lifted its ban on gambling only in 1993. However, the new legislation didn’t come without limits, as only low-stakes casino gaming was permitted under it.Fully-staked gambling was only legalized in 2000, when the games were divided into two categories: games of skill and games of chance.Instead of traditional slot machines, the latter were to be utilized only by legitimate land-based establishments. There are now 21 casinos and 11 horse tracks located throughout Switzerland’s 26 member states, despite the fact that lotteries remain unlawful in every nation.

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Because of these improvements, the Swiss gambling market is now extremely popular, with 21.2% of all Switzerland players identified as enthusiastic gamblers. On the other hand, online casinos are not quite so well-liked.However, because of the bans, it is difficult to locate a Swiss-friendly online casino. As a result, people in Switzerland must gamble on international top online casinos for players from their country. With the passage of the Money Gaming Act, things appear to be changing dramatically, and official licensing for Swiss-based online casinos is becoming more likely.

In the meantime, check out our list of top online casinos that accept Swiss players. Only CHF casinos were included in order to offer you with the greatest level of comfort and safety. Such an amazing variety of the finest online casinos for people from Switzerland cannot be found anywhere else.

Online Casinos And The Future of Slots

What Will The Future Of Online Gambling In Switzerland Look Like?

Virgin Bright Future Hard Rock casino in las vegasIn 2017, Switzerland’s online casinos became legal. They were previously not legal before then. The gambling act that made them legal was enacted in 2017. The newly-expanded document could lead to Swiss players’ best online casinos being shut down by foreign authorities. Several Switzerland state agencies appealed against a blockade, which led to the introduction of a referendum in summer 2018. It should establish the future of existing and new online casinos for Swiss players outside of Switzerland.It is rumored that internet-based casinos from outside of the country will be permitted to operate in Switzerland only if they collaborate with local businesses. However, it’s difficult to tell right now.

Bitcoin Hits $16,500 As BTC Futures Start TradingWe have a list of the top 10 Swiss online casinos. They all have a clear payment policy and generous bonuses. There are also thousands of games, including desktop and mobile slots that people in Switzerland love!You can find online casinos in Switzerland. The casinos that accepts Swiss Francs will ensure that gambling is safe and comfortable. Read reviews and try a challenge!




Switzerland Casino FAQ

As long as they are licensed by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board or the Swiss Lottery and Betting Board (Comlot), and adhere to the Money Gaming Act, online gambling firms in Switzerland are legal. Online gambling is tough in the Swiss market. There are not many licenses for international gambling operators. They also need an online casino that is licensed to apply for an online license. So many companies that accept Swiss punters and CHF deposits are registered in offshore zones.

Sports betting is permitted in Switzerland, although it is monopolized by the Swiss Lottery and Betting Board, which owns lotteries, sports betting, and skill games. Swisslos and Loterie Romande are the only government-run operators authorized to offer these services. The licenses are good for twenty years and are not transferable to other operators. However, if you take the simple precautions such as using a VPN/Tor network and a personal payment method, you may safely access numerous international bookies from Switzerland. Look into our list of top Swiss casinos to find an acceptable bookmaker for your preferences.

Is It Safe for Players from Switzerland to Gamble Online?

Despite the fact that there is no clear definition of online gambling in Switzerland, it is apparent that most international firms taking Swiss players benefit from third-party licenses from gaming-friendly nations (UK, Malta, etc.) instead of obtaining permission for gaming operations from the Swiss Federal Gaming Board or the Swiss Lottery and Betting Board.Nonetheless, Swiss players have never been persecuted or penalized for gaming online, according to the country’s history of online gambling. In addition, using VPN/Tor networks and private deposit and withdrawal channels can increase security. A trustworthy casino is also essential.

 Do Swiss Online Casinos Offer Bonuses?

Swiss casinos provide a diverse range of bonuses, with no-deposit incentives, extra money for balance reload (reload bonus), referral rewards, loyalty treats, daily/weekly/monthly rankings, tournaments, and new casino feature/game/slot machine promotions. One element to keep in mind is that most bonuses are linked to the player’s account until he or she fulfills the casino’s wagering conditions. In practice, it means that to withdraw the comp, a gambler must wager real money on casino games.

 What Deposit Methods Can I Use?

Whether you choose to deposit in CHF, USD, EUR, GBP, or CAD, there are a number of options available. In Switzerland’s online casinos, credit and debit cards, electronic wallets, prepaid cards and vouchers, and cryptocurrencies are all quite popular.Take into account the speed, fees, bonuses, privacy, and security of the available options when selecting your deposit method. Finally, see whether the chosen deposit method can also be utilized to withdraw money from the casino.

 Best Switzerland Casinos Online
Best Switzerland Casinos Online
Find out everything you need to know about online casinos in Switzerland here. Learn where to play & what games are available at each casino.


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