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Lucky Dragon Casino & Hotel Reviews


The Lucky Dragon Casino & Hotel has a strategic position, which is why the casino receives several visitors all time. Of course, this is not unique because most Nevada casinos are located where people can easily access Incidentally, Lucky Dragon Casino & Hotel is at 300 W.S. Avenue in Las Vegas. That means all people in Las Vegas can reach the hotel for their favorite games whenever they want. The Lucky Dragon is one of the newest Nevada casinos built. A rapid look at the hotel-casino and the environs will tell any serious gambler that it is indeed the ideal place to place their bets. Lucky Dragon Casino & Hotel has some of the latest gaming equipment, the likes of which are found nowhere in Nevada casinos.

Lucky Dragon Casino Facts

The gaming facility was opened to the public on November 19, 2016. Although it might be seen by many in the industry as recently opened, the facility offers clients self-parking among other incentives.

Here are some of the casino’s details in case you want to visit:

1. It is open 24 hours for seven days.
2. The facility has some 300 gaming machines.
3. There are 37 table games.
4. The Lucky Dragon casino covers an area of approximately 27, 500 square feet .

Lucky Dragon CasinoApart from the available parking space, the number of table games and machines, you will also get the valet, various bars, restaurants, spas, and Lucky Dragon Hotel where you can sleep once you are tired.

The Construction

Many people who were there when the facility’s construction started to the finish, they can confirm that it is the only facility of all Nevada casinos that offers Asian gaming experience. The beauty is that all the employees of Lucky Dragon Casino know what they speak. Yes, the staff especially those that directly deal with clients on the gaming floor are multilingual.

Besides, you are likely to be impressed that the signage is either in English or Chinese language. These are some of the efforts from the management to give the client the real value of their money. They also ensure that no matter your background, culture or social status, you will have the best gaming experience in Lucky Dragon Casino.

Adjacent to the gaming center, there is a hotel, Lucky Dragon Hotel that is established in a 9-story building. The resort has some 203 spacious rooms that are well spread with exotic yet modern interior deco to give clients the real value of their expenditure.

Twenty-two of these rooms is VIP suites. So, do you feel that you got the money that you want to spend? Lucky Dragon Hotel is the place you need to check out this vacation. Of course, there are also five modern restaurants.

Some of the games you cannot miss inside Lucky Dragon Casino & Hotel are:

1. Baccarat.
2. Blackjack.
3. Fan Tan.
4.Slot machines.
5. Pai Gow.
6. Sic Bo.

At the first floor of the facility, you will find Emerald Room, a highly limited gambling area that features beautiful Asian games meant for all VIP visitors.

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