Slim Chances Of Legalizing Gambling In Georgia, Operators Still Optimistic

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Slim Chances Of Legalizing Gambling In Georgia?

Chances of legalizing gambling in Georgia remain slim. It is not clear whether the state is ready to embrace real money casino betting. But even as the situation looks uncertain, operators are optimistic. Gambling in Georgia remains a mystery, to date. But this is not barring hospitality and gaming companies. Most of these continue to pitch a tent in the Peach State. Many of the gaming stakeholders believe that 2018 will be a different year. They hold that something better is likely to happen in coming days.

For many years, gambling in Georgia is a taboo. Above all, this is even as some states are making radical changes. Towards the end of last year, some states make changes to their gambling laws. Casino operators are hoping that the state’s General Assembly will not adjourn early. Operators believe that before the House adjourns, the real money gambling bill is before it. If this happens, this will be fair. Many people want to express their view during the referendum. The only mistake will be if the house adjourns before the bill is before it.

Is There Still A Chance Of Legalizing Gambling In Georgia?

Some of the casino operators are saying publicly what they feel. The first one to come out in public to speak is MGM’s operator. Of course, the statement is out through the company’s Executive VP. Alan Feldman says that operators want nothing but gambling legislation in Georgia. “We’ve put Atlanta on our radar. The only thing that is holding us back is the legal system. We are waiting to see how the house does. All we want are gambling laws. Regardless of whether the state’s GA fails this year again, we have our take. Atlanta will always remain on the shortlist. It is one of the U.S. cities that are ripe for casino development,” Feldman tells Constitution.

Slim Chances Of Legalizing Gambling In Georgia?

Georgians Already Gamble At Casinos In North Carolina And Alabama

Alan adds that it is wrong when Georgians gamble from other states. He points out to specific states saying that it is wrong for this to happen. “Georgians are already gambling at casinos in North Carolina and Alabama . Tax revenue from this activity is not supporting any projects locally. There’re much-needed programs in Georgia. Instead, money is flowing from local communities to neighboring states,” Feldman says. The VP’s comments may come as a surprise. It is recently when the CEO says that the company is winding up developments. In fact, Murren says that apart from Japan, MGM Resorts eyes nowhere.

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Georgia Is America’s 8th Most Populous State But Does Not Have Casinos

Georgian General Assembly has a fortnight to bring the gambling bill. If it fails, then it will mean the House will adjourn for 40 days. The House failed to implement gambling laws last year. One of the reasons the GA gives is lack of time. Georgia is America’s 8th most populous state. Even with this vast number of people, the state lags behind. Authorities continue to remain adamant when it comes to gambling.

The state is one out of nine states in the country that are without casinos. These 9 U.S. States do not have either commercial or tribal facility. Many operators are looking up to the GA to create favorable gambling laws. If the House creates these laws, operators are ready to invest. In the end gambling in Georgia will flourish.

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Donald Sloto

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