MGM Launches Gambit Skill Games As Operator Targets Millennial Patrons

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MGM Launches Gambit Skill Games As Operator Targets Millennial Patrons

MGM Resorts had moved to capture the millennial category of gamblers when it announced this week that it would launch skill-based machines that are developed by gaming giant Gambit Gaming.
The announcement was made during a press conference that was held in MGM Grand located in Las Vegas.

Named LEVEL UP is the new video game will be the ideal antidote aimed at luring millennials to check in and spent their money on what resonates with them. This way, MGM Resorts will make real money online casino gambling sites.

Last week, MGM Resorts top management announced that in a bid to give their esteemed millennial clients what they want, the gaming operator has rolled out state-of-the-art video machines inside MGM Grand in LV. The new video machines have the shape of an arcade, which will give gamblers an opportunity to either compete cooperatively or play their skill games in groups that consist of either two or four player.

In recent years, gaming facilities have shown tremendous interest in ordering and putting in place skill-based video games inside gaming floors.

Whether it is because operators want to attract millennials or only to make real money from this group of gamblers, video games are now coming in several gaming floors. MGM Resorts has plans to roll out new video machines in all other properties in a few days.

“We are so much committed to seeing that once you visit our gaming resorts, you get what they want, a fresh and exciting experience that will give you a real value of your time and most importantly, what you spend,” said Scott Sibell, MGM Grand COO. Scott added that the resort is working hard towards making gambling more fun even if that means they collaborate with other gaming stakeholders.

“The only way we’ll achieve that is by partnering with our friends Gambit Gaming,” Scott said. It is not in Nevada alone that operators are investing a lot of money in skilled-based machines in a bid to attract the millennial community.

Meanwhile, slot machines have always remained to be the attraction of older gamblers who seem to be comfortable with this ‘traditional’ form of gambling. With the latest Gambit Gaming innovation, LEVEL UP is also referred to a social entertainment hub that has among other things comes with beer pong, pool tables, golf course simulator, craft beer bar, and arcade games. According to Gambit Gaming, these are what millennials want.

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