The Big Wheel Roulette Game

Everybody knows something about The Big Wheel Roulette game. They are most likely the simplest specialty games to play in most land-based casinos. Besides, they might as well be among the oldest table games. Do you think that blackjack is older than the big wheel? You might be right! But do you also not know that real money blackjack as easy as it is complicated than The Big Wheel?

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Another truth about this Big wheel game is that players are allowed to place small amounts of money. Unlike other games that are likely to consume your wallet, The Big Wheel cannot be counted in.

But do you know what! Although the real money roulette gameplay is pretty much simpler than roulette and blackjack, the house edge is a hard nut to crack. Many have tried, and they have confirmed that. The good thing though is that the game is easy. You only need a few coins in your pocket, walk down the casino and start playing. The next thing is for you hold to your luck. If the lucky number pops up, you win.

A Newer Version

Although the original online casino game is simple and easy, this new version is a bit complex. SkillOnNet has come up with a newer version of this game that seems harder. Still, it is a basic rule that you must guess the number that will appear next. Alternatively, you may be required to place a number other bets. The aim is to ensure that the entire gaming board is covered. That is what this new variant is mainly.

What is more in this game; you might be placing a bet based on the previous one. You simply need to select a number to be spun. Later, you will be able to see dynamic odds. These odds are bound to change every round.

Pick Your Numbers

As mentioned earlier, perhaps, there is no simpler and secure game than The Big Wheel. This variant, for instance, comes with the impressive spread of options. It is up to you to choose.
At the start, you’ll encounter a large display. This quickly and vivid display contains another giant wheel that is round in shape. Outside the wheel, there are numbers 1-30.

From the inside of a circle, there are different things. Here is where you can find various betting options. There’s also a picture of a big top that is placed at the center of the wheel.

A player is at liberty to place as many bets as they want. But this has only to be at the beginning. As you carry on, you’ll realize that it won’t be possible to do many.


The Big Wheel Roulette Game
When it comes to the payouts, The Big Wheel has many options. Here is the complete list of bets together with their payouts:
• Single numbers: 28.6.
• Blue (1-14): payout is 2.00.
• Yellow (15-23) the payout is 3:00.
• Purple (24-28) the payout is 5:00.
• Red (29, 30) the payout is 12:00.
• 1-10 the payout is 2:80.
• 11-20 the payout is 2:80.
• 21-30 the payout is 2:80.
• Odd, the payout is 1:90.
• Even, the payout is 1:90.
• Higher or Lower, the payout varies.

When playing The Big Wheel, one thing is sure. Although no elaborate strategy, odds of winning are inevitable.Top

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