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To most people, roulette games comes in the American and European Roulette form. Thanks to the prosperity of the online world, their dominance has increased. A third version, albeit not as well known is the French roulette. French roulette is played in most online casinos. It is a lot more similar to the European version of the game. They have identical rules and payouts.

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There could, however, be a few changes which are beneficial to the game. The changes depend on how a particular site does implement a game, and it often is the best option.

How Does The Game Work?

A player places his/her bets anywhere on the layout at the start of every spin. There are a lot of bets available with different odds.

French roulette uses a single-zero layout and has thirty-seven numbers on the wheel. 1-36 as well as zero. A player can bet on any number they choose to; the odds are 35-1. Alternatively, there are combination bets availed and placing a bet on two numbers will return 17-1.

Here is an example, betting on a row of three gives you 11-1 if any of the numbers are chosen. The odds would pay fair odds if the game were to be played with 36 numbers The house gets its edge on the extra space on the wheel.
Some bets are also available to cover larger proportions of the wheel at a go. As a player, you can place a bet on a dozen numbers at a 2-1 odd or opt for a side odd or even odd or black for even money. These are outside bets, usually available on the outer layout. The outside bet is supposed to be at least the same amount of the minimum bet set. The inside wager, on the other hand, can be smaller as long as the total table bets will sum up to the table minimum.

French roulette has expanded layout options, better known as French bets. Traditional wagers have no advantage or drawbacks. They do add a flavor and enables you to cover some aspects of the wheel. The zero game covers zero and numbers next to it. Some internet table games allow you to make these bets.

The Strategy

The En Prison rule is implemented in some of the online casino games. The rule states you make an even money bet and the spin results in a zero. You do not immediately lose your bet though. The bet instead is imprisoned, and if the next spin results in a win, you will get the chance returned.

French Roulette
La Partage, a similar rule, simplifies the imprisonment system. In the end, though, it has same long-term results. With La Partage, if you make the even money bet and spin a zero, only half the bet is lost, and you get the other half given back to you.

Roulette is a game of strategy. Even so, there are ways for you to minimize house edge with La Partage or En prison rule in effect.

First of all, the house edge is 1.35 percent with these rules. Furthermore, it is best to make even money bets while playing French Roulette. Because then you get protection from the offered variants.

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