Mini Roulette Game Rules And Strategies

The huge table associated with Mini roulette may at times get a little intimidating. Well, do not be intimidated because it is one of the most beginner friendly online casino game ever.

There appears to be a lot of money on the table at times, and the available options can be a little too much for a player at first. Wouldn’t it be better then if there was a Mini roulette? This would then cater for the beginners and help curb the fears until one is surer of the game?

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Well, this was the idea behind the real mini roulette which is an online game. Mini roulette has fewer numbers and betting options, but that is the extent of the differences. The actions remain more or less the same. What does this, therefore, mean for the players?

Same Table Smaller Wheel

Just like its other brothers American and European Roulette versions, mini roulette remains essentially the same. Play the table game with a 13 section wheel. The sections contain numbers 1 to twelve as well as a single zero.

Bets can be placed on any individual number at 11-1 odds or between numbers to cover more spots, but the odds are lower in this case.

The common odds are:

• Split- involves two numbers paying 5-1.
• Street- involves three numbers paying 3-1.
• Square- involves four numbers paying 2-1.

Also, players can bet on red or black. Alternatively, the bets can be odd or even. The wagers cover six exact spots on the wheel and pay even money.

It is important to note that for a wheel with 12 pockets, the bets are relatively odd. The house advantage comes from the presence of the zero.

After placing the real money roulette bet, you press the button to trigger the next spin. The ball spins around the wheel then goes to fall in one of the hidden pockets. The losing bets are all collected, and the winning bets are paid out.

The next spin can then be started by either placing new bets or using the option to reset which automatically places the same wagers.

There is a significant exception you should know about. Some online casinos, like those using NetEnt software, have a version of the La Partage rule applied to this game.
In this game version, the players receive half of all the losing bets back whenever the wheel lands on zero. This is advantageous to the players as it will turn the losing spots into a partial loss.

Try Your Best To Avoid Zero

Almost every bet in the house offers the same house edge, so there is minimal strategy involved when playing.

Mini Roulette Game
With the La Partage rule in effect, however, it is always best to stick to bets that do not include zero. With this, you are assured of an advantage of your getting half of your bet back on some of the accrued loses. Aside from the zero, be free to choose whatever number you desire.

The house edge when playing mini roulette on your bet is usually 3.85% when playing with La Partage. In the absence of the rule, however, the advantage gets doubled to 7.69%, so it is more advisable to play the game with the more favorable rules. Top

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