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Multi Wheel Roulette is a roulette game. You need to predict a number that will fall where, spin, your prediction turns out to be right, and there you are! It is that simple with most table games.
Isn’t it something that might be very exciting? Perhaps you intend it to have extra wheels or maybe straightforward? Fortunately, it is so. But you should also beware of something. Why do you think online gaming developers want to revive some old games? Is it to make them accessible or complicated?
You may say easy. You are right. But remember too that most classic games are not hard.

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On the other hand, when you say to make them involved, you are also right. Some classic games are too basic thus so dull. So, any improvement is to harden them a bit. Overall, the aim is neither. When new developers reinvent a game, the objective is to make the gameplay as exciting as possible. If it is an online casino game of skill, they want to improve the use of the skill.

Therefore, anything new will never be easy. It will not be complicated either. But, it will be exciting, juicy, sweet and fulfilling when playing. In addition to what you know about the basic roulette, this game adds new things. By doing so, it now looks more of video poker than traditional roulette.

The Multi Wheel Roulette Basics

What is funny is that you can find Microgaming and Playtech versions of this multi-wheel roulette. The game is like any other roulette you have seen around. However, since it is a new game, you need some candid information. That will help you start the game and feel part of it. So, where is the starting point? Remember that all table games have almost the same guideline. So, that is the starting point. If you’ve played any of the table games, you know where to start.

Similar To Others Roulette Variations

This game has a large money wheel and a small ball. From the inner side of the wheel, you’ll find numbers 1-36. These are called pockets. There is also an additional number labeled ‘0’. However, in most American versions of this game, there are double zeros. On the other hand, a title=”European Roulette” href=””>European Roulette features just a single zero.

You will also realize that an even number of the 1-36 is colored red. The other half takes a black color. As for the zero, it takes a green color. For the player, the aim is simple: predict which of the 37 pockets a specific ball will land. This game offers as many different betting options as possible.
Multi Wheel Roulette

Look at this list of inside and outside bets:

• Straight – based on a single number paying 35:1.
• Split – based on two numbers paying 17:1.
• Street – a row of three numbers paying 11:1.
• Corner –four numbers (square) paying 8:1.
• Six Line – paying 5:1.
As for outside bets, here are the options:
• Column – a column of 12 numbers paying 2:1.
• Dozens –on consecutive spots such as 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36 paying 2:1.
• Odd/Even – based on corresponding numbers paying even money.
• Red/Black – all color pockets paying even money.
• 1-18/19-36 – all numbers on those ranges are paying even money.

It is clear that there is nothing hard in playing Multi Wheel Roulette. All you need is additional skill from the ordinary roulette gameplay.Top

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