Slot Machine Giant IGT Shapes The Future of Casino Games

Slot Machine Giant Shapes the Future of Casino Games

Slot Machine Giant Shapes the Future of casino games. The tremendous strides in technology for real money casino games both online and on the casino floor over the past decade have been impressive. According to this past Sunday’s report on, one of the biggest players in the casino gaming industry is once again pushing the envelope when it comes to innovations for games catering to real money gambling.

How Does Slot Machine Giant IGT Shape the Future of Casino Games?

In the report, she cites a recent agreement between slot machine giant IGT and virtual reality hardware developers HTC Vive. The purpose of this collaboration is to define what casino games might look like in the not-to-distant future.

The Orleans Casino In Las Vegas Has The IGT Virtual Reality Zone

This week at the Las Vegas casino, The Orleans the IGT Virtual Zone will make its debut. Casino operators, as well as the key suppliers to the real money gambling industry, are looking to raise the bar on the entire gambling experience. The main thrust of this IGT Virtual Zone is a head-to-head competition between casino patrons in a series of ‘skill-gaming’ tournaments.

Innovative Gaming Competition Through Virtual Reality

HTC Vive’s primary role in this endeavor is the immersive headgear needed to stage this innovative gaming competition. Also, this is the company’s first project with the casino industry in what could be a lucrative future in the world of virtual reality gaming.

VR Tournaments Include Two-Person Siege Combat

Some of the more exciting aspects of this planned competition through VR Tournaments include two-person Siege combat where the top score of the day wins $300 in real money slots dollars. also mentioned archery tournaments with $125 in slot play on the line for the top spot of the day.

The Online Betting & Licensing is Enrico Drago

IGT’s senior vice president of Global Product Marketing Interactive, Betting & Licensing is Enrico Drago. He said, “IGT’s Virtual Zone represents an exciting evolution of modern-day casino entertainment, and an important step in diversifying IGT’s portfolio with unique offerings that can differentiate our customer’s casino floors and entertain a broad demographic of players.”

Commitment To Developing Unparalleled VR Player Experiences

He went on to add, “HTC VIVE’s leadership in the VR space and commitment to developing unparalleled VR player experiences made it the ideal partner for IGT’s first commercialized VR solution, the Virtual Zone.”
Slot Machine Giant Shapes the Future of Casino Games
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IGT Feels Virtual Reality Is The Future Of Real Money Gambling On The casino Floor

One of the big takeaways from this project is how VR space can impact the future of gambling on the casino floor as well as with some online applications for real money gambling. Casino industry experts realize just how vital it is to connect with the millennial generation. Virtual reality could be the perfect way to bridge that gap. There is also a consensus in the industry that many of the traditional games need to be updated. As VR applications evolve, this could redefine how gambling games look and operate in the future.

The Slot Machine Giant Is Ahead Of The Game With Virtual Reality Casino Games

One of the biggest attractions of virtual reality technology is the ability to ‘step into a game.’ While the future of gambling and specific real money gambling machines has yet to be defined, this report suggests that it will be more about creating a personal interaction with a competitive edge.

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