Las Vegas Hotels Continue To Rank Top Among Travel Accommodations Across The U.S.

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Las Vegas is top again. This time, it is amazingly top thanks to her accommodation centers that have been built.

According to a more recent survey by the U.S. News as well as the World’s Report, Las Vegas Nevada has the most amazing resorts that people visit to enjoy their after work hours, weekends, holidays, and their vacations.

Out of the top 100 travel joints in the U.S., Sin City has 8 hotels!

Mandarin Oriental is among those rated the best hotel resorts in the country. The hotel has a strategic location at the Strip of Las Vegas to her advantage. Interestingly, it emerged in position 2 in the whole country.

The report said that 46 hotels in Las Vegas scored very high marks that were based on travel agencies, visitors and experts. The survey recorded quite a number of hotels that deserve to be highly ranked as those that give visitors the best services their clients deserve.

Today, if you could run the title ‘Best Hotels Resorts In USA’, according to the report, you would find that 1,987 hotels have high scores that would lure you into visiting them.

Although hotels from other parts of the U.S. had good scores, the aggregate number of those that scored high marks from Las Vegas was shocking according to the report and real money mobile casino gambling sites.

However, the report docked Caesars Palace saying that the reason was smoke odors that emanated from the resort. If this is anything to believe, then no visitor would be happy to inhale smoke odor at the expense of their money, time, and comfort among other valuable things.

The survey developed a criterion that helped them reward those hotels that scored high marks. In fact, those that were at the upper 199 position received ‘Gold Badges’.

In what seemed like fruitage of good development, 11 hotels from Las Vegas received such honors.

Overall, the top position was taken by Chicago’s Langham.

Others that came so close to the top position are Four Seasons (Kailua-Kona in Hawaii), Washington DC’s Jefferson, Hawaii’s Montage Kapalua Bay and The Lodge (Sea Island in Georgia).

Usual Suspects

It would be surprising if the report did not include the usual suspects that have dominated the news for a long time as best hotels in LV.

Those that came at reputable positions include Wynn Resorts and Encore at position 4 and 5 respectively, Bellagio, which came in at position 7, ARIA position 8, Palazzo at 10, and Venetian, which took position 11.

On what may be seen by many as a sign of falling from the top positions, Caesars Palace did not feature anywhere above 20 but got itself at position 26.

Those interviewed said that in recent days, cigarette smoke has been rampant almost everywhere in the compound. Efforts to streamline the mess have proved futile.

Caesars’ other hotels in LV did not receive any favorable review. The closest was Cromwell at 21, Paris at 33, Planet Hollywood, which came in at 40, and the last of Caesars was The Linq at 44, which also visitors said is full of smoke odor.

Sin City Wins At Last

Although 11 hotels in Vegas scored high marks that resulted in Gold Badges, it is far from reaching NY’s 23 that received the same honors. However, according to the report, Sin City emerged the biggest winner far much ahead of NY with regard to hotel ranking survey.

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Las Vegas Hotels Continue To Rank Top Among Travel Accommodations Across The U.S.
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Las Vegas Hotels Continue To Rank Top Among Travel Accommodations Across The U.S.
See How The Las Vegas Hotels Continue To Rank Top Among Travel Accommodations Across The U.S. top 100 travel joints Sin City has 8 hotels!
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