Showtime’s Billions Bobby Axelrod Gets His Own Slot Machine

Showtime’s Billions Bobby Axelrod Gets His Own Slot Machine | Billions Slots

Many characters whether fictional or actual famous persons have been immortalized in electronic gambling games such as video slot machines or poker machines over the years. Gaming companies developing and building slots for real money casinos understand the psychology of gamblers relating to these characters. This, in turn, should help increase the popularity of the particular electronic gambling game with its players.

Showtime’s Billions Bobby Axelrod Gets His Own Slot Machine | Billions Slots
In a recent post on by Christopher Palmeri , the fictional character Bobby Axelrod from the Showtime hit series “Billions” will be immortalized in a new movie slot machine game from Aristocrat Leisure Ltd in conjunction with CBS Corp. The progressive slot machine will feature a multisite jackpot that could pay out up to $500,000. A statement released last week by company officials mentioned that the game would be on display at the Global Gaming Expo. This is a gaming industry trade show in Las Vegas set to open on Monday, Oct. 8.

Showtime’s Billions Bobby Axelrod Gets His Own Slot Machine

Damian Lewis is the actor that portrays Axelrod as a fictional hedge-fund manager that enjoys taking a gamble or two. He his pictured in this post playing poker at an actual casino table. His character on the show “Billions” has developed an adversarial relationship with federal prosecutor Chuck Rhoades, who is played by actor Paul Giamatti on the show.

The tendency in the past when it came to electronic gambling games of this nature was to use older TV shows or movies in the slot machine’s design. This has been going on for decades and the prevailing strategy was to pursue licensed associations with older titles as an appeal to an older casino cliental. An example cited in this report was “Wheel of Fortune“. Based on a 35-year old game show, this remains one of the most popular machines amongst an aging casino population of players.

While these machines still have their place on casino floors, electronic gambling games themed after current hit TV series such as “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones ” are starting to take their place on the floor as popular machines for a younger generation.

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Showtime’s Billions Bobby Axelrod’s Slot Machine Appeals To A Younger Audience

This also pertains to gaming designs for Internet casino sites. The gaming industry understands that the primary patron of online casinos skews younger than the average patron that still frequents land-based casino venues. It is all about grabbing a player’s attention and keeping it for as long as possible. The grey-haired crowd may still be drawn to “The Wheel of Fortune” machine, but today’s younger real money gambler is looking for more excitement in their gaming options.

If they can relate to a character such as Bobby Axelrod from a hit show on cable, they should be able to relate to an electronic gambling machines based on the show. “Billions” is in its fourth season of production as one of the top series on Showtime. There were no other machines mentioned in this post in relation to other popular shows or movies, but it makes you wonder what Aristocrat may have up its sleeves for any future releases.

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