Bitcoin, Ponzicoin, Titcoin Jokes And Scams Fill The Cryptocurrency World Creating A Gold Rush

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Bitcoin, Ponzicoin, Titcoin Jokes & Scams | Cryptocurrency Gold Rush

Bitcoin, Ponzicoin, Titcoin Jokes And Scams Fill The Cryptocurrency World Creating A Gold Rush. There are questionable cryptocurrencies that are now taking advantage. They want to join the bandwagon of genuine digital coins. Perhaps, they are gaining entrance as the prices of the Bitcoin shrinks. Whatever the reason for their intrusion, investors need to be keen. They need to beware of the invasion. Above all, This will lead to the Cryptocurrency Gold Rush. It will lead to the loss of a person’s investment. It is early last month when a new digital coin is born in San Francisco. According to the developer, this is the ultimate digital coin, which is what the world is waiting for.

Is Bitcoin A Scam Or Is There A Cryptocurrency Gold Rush?

Ponzicoin is the name of the newest altcoin. When launching it, Rishab Hegde has a lot to say. Via a website that will be for the altcoin, the founder means a lot. In part, the releasing statement says, “This is the world’s first legitimate Ponzi scheme. I encourage people to buy this coin. You are to shill this coin heavily to your family and friends like a fucking sociopath.” Interestingly, the FAQ section of the website has all the details. Any serious investor is, therefore, able to read and understand. In part, it says that the coin is a joke. In fact, it even says that it is a scam.

Ponzicoin, Titcoin Jokes And Scams

Somewhere in the FAQ, the site terms the coin as Equifax-grade security. It is funny but regrettable that this does not create the necessary impact. It does not stop people from running to this cryptocurrency gold rush. Many people rush to open accounts and invest in the Ponzicoin. Above all, this leads to the closure of the website. Finally, the owner says that the joke gets insanely out of hand. With this in mind, it is easy to now see how gold rush behaves. Many people are ready to ignore the warnings. Nobody wants to heed even the most outright and vivid warnings.

Outright Scams?

The price of the bitcoin and other notable cryptocurrencies surge like ethereum last year. Because of this, many people are now rushing to invest in bitcoin alternatives. They don’t take time to investigate. Investors are now gullible. They don’t want to read even the warnings. They want to invest and finally get rich quick. It is because of the surge in December that is making people look for alternatives. While there are legitimate coins, there is no doubt that many are outright scams.
Bitcoin, Ponzicoin, Titcoin Jokes & Scams | Cryptocurrency Gold Rush

Ponzicoin outrightly say that ‘it is a joke, a scam’?

What is more is that some companies publish what the aim is. Some like Ponzicoin outrightly say that ‘it is a joke, a scam.’ But this does not click in the minds of people. Some of the newest coins in the market today try to impress investors with their names. For instance, think of the name like bananacoin, which is a coin that originates from a banana plantation in Laos. Many are saying that this is a coin on a genuine organic banana business.

Jesuscoin, titcoin, potcoin, and trumpcoin?

There are others such as jesuscoin, titcoin, potcoin, and trumpcoin. Do not also forget that there is putincoin. Investors need to be careful when looking at which coin to invest in. It is true that Bitcoin prices are shrinking. But it is not reason enough to jump into cryptocurrency gold rush.

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