Red Dog Poker Rules, Strategies & Guides

Red Dog Poker

Red Dog Poker is a simple poker game variation that you’ll love. There is no better way to explain this ease to understand table game than to read through this candid review. In this casino game, players place their bets inside a pot. The dealer gives two cards to the first player. The good thing about this game is that a player is at liberty to play to the maximum of the full amount.

To win the bet you have just put, you will need to take the third card. But for it to help you win, this third card must be in your favor. The card’s numerical value should be anywhere between that of the first and the second cards.

But if the numerical value of the third card is equivalent to either of the initial cards, you lose the bet. The same happens when the value of the third card is outside that of the two cards. That means you must place a wager in the pot again.

Remember that in the home game, usually, Aces are either high or low. That means if you have two Aces, you will receive 12-card spread.

But that is different from the casino game. As for the latter, the higher the spread, the lower the payoff. The bottom line is that in this scenario, Aces are usually high.

Playing Red Dog Poker

The first time Red Dog Poker is in casinos was some time ago in Harold’s Club in Reno that is in Northern Nevada.

Since it was introduced, Red Dog table game has been played with the standard 52-card. In this game, the ranking of cards is similar to the ranking in ordinary online poker. The Ace is the highest-rated card.
Red Dog Poker

Starting Point

The dealer does not put out cards in this game unless you must place your bets. At this point, the dealer will bring two cards both of which face up.

It so happens fast that in the case in the first bet you emerge with a match something happens. For example, if queen and another Queen, emerge, the dealer will deal a third card.

If the value of the third card also matches with the first two cards, you will receive a prize of 11: 1. Any of the extra cards from this will be a push.

You also need to know that if again it happens you receive cards with consecutive numbers, you get nothing. To illustrate, if you receive cards with value numbers 6 and 7, in this case, there isn’t any spread. There is no money as well.

There is yet another possible outcome that you must beware. This is possibly the most exciting part. In this last option, it is when you receive cards that neither match nor are consecutive.

In this case, the dealer calls the spread, and your first option is to match the ante with another real money bet. Know that the smaller the spread, the higher the payout will be.

Look at the below list:

• One card spread pays 5:1.
• Two cards spread pay 4:1.
• Three cards spread pay 2:1.

• Any Red Dog Poker spread that is between 4-card spread and 11 pay 1:1.

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