Four Card Frenzy Rules, Strategies, And Tips

4 Card Frenzy Tips

It is conventional that online poker is played with five cards. But there are times these traditional rules do not matter a thing. The making of Four Card Frenzy is such one such a situation. This new table game developed by Galaxy Gaming is played using four cards. If you have played poker before, then you will know that this isn’t one of those complicated online casino games.


At least, you only need to understand the basics. After that, your work is just to win if you are lucky. This game will give you the most accessible navigation work there has been. The design has been made in such a way that anybody can smoothly sail through the game. Perhaps, that is why this table game has been creating a buzz lately.

On this game’s ante stake, you are likely to get 200x the amount of the bet. That is so far the most prominent prize you will ever get here. If you think that this is a small thing, you are wrong.

About Four Card Frenzy

Everyone knows that poker is played with five cards, right? However, it appears that the game creators at Galaxy Gaming do not since the way you play this free Four Card Frenzy game is with a hand of four cards.If you know how to play poker, the game will not be overly complicated. Furthermore, thanks to some simple but effective design, punters will be able to maneuver around the table game with ease.

The biggest prize in an online poker table is 200 times the amount of the ante stake. This is a good prize, and it’s possible to win up to $500 on any deal of cards. So, you can really test your poker skills and luck for a chance to take home some hefty winnings.

Newest Way To Play Online Poker

In poker, we typically think of the game as being one where players use five cards. In Texas Hold’em, for example, each player has five cards. However, in Four Card Frenzy poker, players can only use four cards to form winning hands.

For each deal, 5 cards will be given to the player and to the dealer. However, 1 card will automatically be discarded from the pile. This will most likely be the lowest playing card in the betting hand. Having said that, there may be another matching low card, which can make a quad, triple or pair.

The Four Card Poker game gameplay is the only unique thing about this slot machine. The appearance of the game is pretty standard. There isn’t a lot of room to be creativite for the design of these online table games. However, there are many other traditional real money gambling games that have sharper graphics and more realistic props.

Ante Bet  

There are 2different bets in Four Card Poker – the ante bet and the “aces up” bet. A player has to place a wager on at least one of them, but you can also place a bet on both. The “aces up” side bet is a wager that you will have a pair of aces

If players have a pair of aces, you will get paid the same as you bet. If you have a better hand, you will get paid more.

Raise Wagers On The Table With A Straight Flush

There’s more to an online table game than simply the visuals. You have the chance to win real money prizes, these slot games will keep players entertained. In order to play the real money poker game, players must lay down an ante bet between $5 and $500 – you may adjust your stake using the separate chip denominations to suit your desired budget.

When you feel happy with your wager on Four Card Frenzy, press the ‘Deal’ button. This will give you five cards, one of which will be discarded from the deck and turned on its side.If you believe you actually have a winning hand, you can increase your bet by 1x. If you don’t want to increase your bet, you can fold and lose the ante, but this will protect you from losing any more money. After that, you have the option to keep your ante wager, or raise wager.

The Dealer’s Hand Beats

You can see all of the winning hands in the ‘Paytables’ section of the game screen. In this section, you can see that the highest paying prize is a 200x jackpot for four Aces, also called a ‘Quad Aces’.

Odds Bet Loses

When playing Four Card Frenzy at a casino online, players have a few more things to think about. This is because there are two side bet options to consider, each of which can involve wagers between $1 and $25.The 4 Card Bonus will turn your wagers into wins if you get a hand which is equal or greater than a pair of Queens.

The other side bet is an option that will double your wager if four of the five drawn cards are the same color. If all five cards are the same color, you will get back 6x your side bet wager or your ante bet.

What if the value of your bet is $500? Can you calculate the amount you are likely to win if you are lucky? Well, that is how many gamers estimate the real value of this game. It is a pity that quite a number do not still know the real gem of this game. A few, however, have noticed that it is pretty much straightforward to win. Because of that, they place as much money as they can.

New Way To Play Poker

It is true that most video poker games are played with five cards. A good example is Texas Holdem. In this game, players hold five cards in hand. But there is something entirely different.

The free form of Four Card Frenzy is however different. As the name suggests, play the game with four cards in the hand of players. Surprisingly, the computer gives five cards to the player and the dealer. However, you can discard one card will automatically. Usually, this is the lowest card in hand.

The only time the card will be retained is when there is another low matching card. If there is one, that will make a pair. Alternatively, it may make triple or quad. From a distance, the design of the game is pretty much standard. That would be the same even if you took a closer look. Everything is virtually the same with another ordinary poker.

But that does not mean that there aren’t any slight differences here and there. Perhaps, the most significant difference is the gameplay. There has never been any poker that is similar in gameplay with this.
Four Card Frenzy Rules, Strategies, And Tips
Many who have had a chance to play this free poker have mixed feelings. Quite a number of them feel that a lot has been done on the designing.

On the other hand, there is another group, which argues that Galaxy would have done a lot. That, of course, leaves gaming developers with a lot of work. Next time, you might encounter a Four Card Frenzy variation that you will never imagine.

Crazy 4 Poker

Crazy 4 Poker is another variant of 4-Card Poker. The Aces Up wager is replaced by a Super Bonus bet in this version. In addition, the Queens Up side bet is available in Crazy 4 Poker.

The hand rankings in Crazy 4 Poker are comparable to those in 4-Card Poker, with the exception that the dealer gets only 5 cards to construct a hand rather than the 6 they receive in 4-Card Poker.

The dealer must open with King High or better to continue the game. If the dealer doesn’t have King High or better, the Ante bet is a push.

All Play bets win if the dealer does not qualify. When the dealer does qualify, bets are resolved based on who has the best hand.

Galaxy Gaming

About Galaxy Gaming

Galaxy Gaming is the most customer-centric service in the business. Experts in omnichannel table games that offer cutting-edge games and technologies.

The mission at Galaxy Gaming is to help our clients’ casino gaming operations become more profitable.  They offer other games like pre selected games 4 card prime, and four aces. We will discuss their allowed countries.

We do this by providing popular cutting-edge gaming entertainment content and technology to their players, as well as protecting casino table game concepts and intellectual property with patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Our games are located in casinos in North America, the Caribbean, Cook Islands, Santa Fe Station, Solomon Islands, Vatican City State, Christmas Island, the British Virgin Islands, Norfolk Island, Marshall Islands, Costa Rica, Western Sahara, Cayman Islands, Papua New Guinea, British Indian Ocean Territory, Europe, and Africa.

Games can also be found on cruise ships and on iGaming websites all over the world. We have our products installed in over 6,000 gaming tables in over 600 casinos. This makes us the largest independent provider of casino table games in the world.

USA Online Casino FAQ


What is Four Card Frenzy?

Four Card Frenzy is a four-card poker game designed for all table game pits. It has a new free-to-the-player Bad Beat bonus feature. Players will find familiar betting patterns, as well as enhancements that give more power to the player.

What is 4 card poker called?

Crazy 4 Poker is a form of a casino table game where you play against dealers. It is similar to 3 Card Poker, but with four cards. The player and dealer each get 5 cards to make the best four-card hand.

What are the rules for 4 Card Poker?

In Four Card Poker, players can bet up to three times their ante. If the hand is better than your dealer’s, you will receive a 1 to 1 payout. When a tie comes, the player wins. In the extremely rare instances where the dealer beats one of the above premium hands, you still get paid.

How many 4 card poker hands are there?

You will find thirteen 4-of-a-kind hands. A straight flush is determined once the smallest card in the straight flush is known. There are forty-four cards eligible to be the smallest card in a straight flush.

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