Play Table Games With Three Cards

Three Card Prime is a bit different from the other well-known versions of poker. To fully grasp it, it is advisable to read the instructions given as this table game is unique. It is a well-known fact that poker can intoxicating and full of suspense, giving it an almost addictive allure. The many films that portray this capture it so well like Casino Royale and what about the Two Smoking Barrels?

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No Rush Here

Three cards prime online game lacks an introductory video.
While we are all familiar with a poker setup, three card prime isn’t trying to be clever, but rather the screen is mostly green. Despite this, there is still so much going on. At the top left corner is the name of the game under the slogan Feel the Rush!

Next to that, in the middle, the deals place poker chips in a container. Right at the center of the screen is Prime in the capital letters. See this in different spaces where the chips later on the go. At the bottom left there are five poker chips lined up in increasing order starting from 1, 5, 25, 100, and 500. The bottom right has two sides of a similar card.
3 card prime

The Three Card Prime is designed in small written instructions to play which gives one a feeling of being in a Canada Casino. Whether there is music or not, you can certainly tell that the live dealer means business.

Prime Time Poker Action

With its increase in popularity, it is becoming somewhat crucial for avid players to be in the know-how of how to play the game and to become well versed in the rules.  Three card prime takes time to learn.

The player and the dealer both get dealt 3 cards . There are different ways through which one can win. If the house deals a pair or three of a kind, then you win under Pair Bonus.

The house deals with all red or all black cards; you will win 3-1 odds under the prime wager. Getting three cards with the same color increases the odds to 4-1. The house deals the ante wager with 4 cards. The player uses 3 to beat the dealer’s hand.

In case your cards make a straight, but you lose, you are considered a winner of the Bad Beat Check out the Bonus.

The table limits are usually listed with the ante ranging between 5 and 500. The side bets vary between 1 and 25. You cannot, however, increase your bet but can clear and deal using the clear and deal buttons.

Learn How To Win Playing 3 Card Prime

After you press the deal button, you can choose to play or fold. If you decide to play, you will see the dealer’s cards. The house cannot say how much you won or lost. Instead, it will tell you how many chips you gained or gave away.

The pay table gives details of what qualifies as a prime, pair bonus, and loose deuce. The casino game is not mobile optimized.

If you compare this game to other poker games in existence, you will notice there are many differences. Three Card Prime has 3D graphics with jazz in the background. This table game gives the impression of being a high roller kind of establishment.Top



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