Swap the Flop Poker Game Rules, Odds & Strategy

Swap the Flop Poker Game Rules, & Strategy

Some years ago, not so many, there were a handful of poker games in the market. The same goes for other online casino game. Today, things have changed a lot. We have several types of poker such as Swap the Flop. It is true that the name may be less familiar in the gaming industry. However, when you have time to look into the game and play, you will then realize it is one of the best games. What do we know of Swap the Flop? Two things stand out in this game. One of them is a bonus.

The other thing you are likely to love with this lucrative game is its RTP. In fact, quite a small number of games that people are used to that have such an RTP.


So, if you are still wondering how to start this game, you are not alone. There are quite some people that are looking for ways to learn how to play it.

Interestingly, there is a free version of this game. In fact, at the moment, many casinos offer the game’s free version. If you do not have much knowledge of this game, take advantage of the free mode.

It is a prudent thing to do so anyway. Before you put all the money that you have set aside for gaming, know how the game looks.

The Real Game

Before we even delve into the table game details, it is good to mention another important thing. This game does not need you to download it to play.

That will help you save the amount of storage space on your computer or phone.

When you set on your virtual seat, you will realize that your opponent is the dealer. The beauty of this game is that the screen display is free from unnecessary clutter.

Screen Layout

As mentioned, the screen is free from much clutter. This is because Swap the Flop does not have many complicated options. As a result, you will see two video poker cards that are on the top side of the screen.

You will not confuse these cards with those of the player. The house calls that the ‘dealer.’

Right in the middle of the screen, there is a space that has been set aside for five cards. The bonus bet box push to the lower side of the screen.

And of course at the bottom is where you can find the swap box from where you will be adjusting your cards.

To start the game, you will need to take action. The real action begins with you pressing the deal green button that is at the bottom of the screen.
Swap The Flop Poker
After pressing the button, the dealer gives you two cards.

Swap the Flop Poker Game Rules

In this game, the objective of the player is simple. In the game of Swap the Flop, it should be in the mind of the player that they should have higher combinations than the live dealers. That way, winning on the side of the player is inevitable.

Rich Caesar

Rich Caesar

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