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Let It Ride Poker Casino Game

The Let it Ride Casino game has a reasonably long history. It first appeared on brick and mortar facilities in 1993. The game is created by Shuffle Master Inc. To date, Shuffle Masters are the brains behind popular shuffling machines. Play table games will tell you why they love Let It Ride. The fact that players do not need to face other players or even the dealer is enough. In fact, Let it Ride is among the very few gamers enjoy. Celebrate so much when the dealer pulls a card.

  1. Best Online Casinos For Let It Ride Poker
  2. About Let It Ride Stud Poker
  3. The Objective Of Let It Ride Stud Poker
  4. What is Let It Ride?
  5. Let It Ride Poker Strategy & Tips
  6. Where To Start
  7. FAQ

Best Online Casinos For Let It Ride Poker

Ignition Casino

  • Accepts US Players
  • Accepts Cryptocurrencies
  • Realtime Gaming
  • Poker Tournaments
  • Rival Gaming
  • BetSoft Games

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Wild Casino

  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Mobile Casino App
  • No Cashout Limits
  • Regular slot tournaments
  • Nice Selection Of Games
  • Offers Live Casino

Cafe Casino

  • Realtime Gaming
  • Live Dealers
  • BetSoft Games
  • Rival Games
  • Fast Cashouts
  • Allows Bitcoins
  • Accepts Players From US & All Over The World

BetOnline Casino

  • Accepts USA Players
  • Sportsbook
  • Racebook
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Wide Variety Of Games
  • Great Software
  • Customer Service
  • Accepts USA Players
  • Unique Casino Games
  • Excellent Software
  • Great Customer Service
  • Fast Payouts
  • Live Chat
  • Amazing Bonuses


  • Bitcoin Accepted
  • ESports Betting
  • Accepts Credit Cards and Debit Cards
  • Reduced Juice
  • Live Betting Sportsbook
  • Racebook
  • Casino
  • Poker Room
  • Cash Back Offers
  • Free NFL BETS
  • Accepts Paypal
  • Quick & Easy Cash Outs
  • Great Deposit Options
  • Great Withdrawal Options
  • Licensed Sportsbook


It is probably in this game that you only find certain conditions that aren’t in any table game. For instance, you can decrease bets if you realize the game is not favorable. Yes, you can even withdraw them entirely. Similarly, It uses table chips that have different values. As you can see, this is different to slots that use the popular coin-based system.

About Let It Ride Stud Poker

Let It Ride Stud Poker is a fast-paced, player-friendly variation of Five Card Stud Poker. It’s intended to give casino guests the chance to choose two out of three bets they wager. It’s quick, exciting, and simple to learn. Let It Ride is a card game that’s fairly easy to play, making it ideal for newcomers and individuals who are less interested in fast-paced wagering. Make your bets and Let It Ride if you have a decent hand. In comparison to other card games, Let It Ride is played at a slower pace, making it an excellent choice for novices and people who don’t want to be rushed.

In Let It Ride Stud Poker, you are not pitted against the dealer or any other player. All that matters is getting the best possible poker hand using your three cards and two community cards dealt by the dealer.

The Objective Of Let It Ride Stud Poker

The goal of Let It Ride Poker is to use three cards dealt to each player and the dealer’s two face down cards (two community cards) in order to make the best possible poker hand.

Let It Ride Stud Poker Goal

You are not competing directly against the dealer or even the other players. You’re just seeking to construct a decent poker hand utilizing your three cards and the dealer’s two face-down “community cards,” which the dealer will reveal at some point.

What is Let It Ride?

When a player “lets it ride,” they choose to not take back their wager, instead continuing with the game.

Why Players Like Let It Ride Stud Poker?

Let It Ride Stud Poker is less confusing than numerous casino games, so it’s unthreatening and simpler to play. With multiple chances to change your wager throughout the real money card game, you’ll feel more in control of your gambling–something that’s reassuring.

Side Note

The goal of this game is to obtain the best poker hand possible by using your 3 cards and the dealer’s 2 face-down cards. Furthermore, what you win is based on the quality of your hand, as seen in the payout schedule below.

Online Casino Strategy

Let It Ride Poker Strategy & Tips

It’s all about Let It Ride when it comes to optimal strategy. You should have a good idea on when you should “fold” and when you should “let it ride” at the two decision points is crucial.


  1. Three Card Strategy For First Round
  2. Indeed, During the 1st Round of Let it Ride, after you’ve been dealt your first three cards, you should “Let it ride” (make the wager) only when the three-card hand you’re holding meet one of these criteria:
  3. A Pair of 10s or higher (e.g., Tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces) means:
    A) You were dealt a pair of cards totaling Ten, Jack, Queen, King or Ace points.
    B) You were dealt three identical cards.
  4. Three cards that might constitute a Royal Flush, which is any Ten, Jack, Queen, King, or Ace in the same suit.
  5.  A sequence is three cards in the same suit that are next to each other in value, like 3-4-5 or higher. You should avoid raising for sequences that are lower in value, like 2-3-4, or A-2-3.
  6. Three cards in a straight flush “with a gap” with at least one card that’s ten or above. In this situation, the only hands that would qualify are 7-8-10, 7-9-10, and 8-9-J.
  7. 5. A Straight Flush is three cards in a row of the same suit with two gaps, and the other two cards are both ten or higher.

What Is A “Gap” ?

The space between two cards is called a “gap.” For example, if you have the numbers 4-6-7, there would be a gap where the number five should be.

Basically, Let it ride with a pair of tens or better, i.e., any 3 suited cards that are a 10 or higher and three consecutive cards, three suited cards where two of them are a 10 or higher and three consecutive cards, or three suited cards with a spread of 4 and one card 10 or higher.

4 Card Strategy For A Winning Hand In The Second Round

After the Dealer reveals the first card in the Second Round of Let it ride, consider how the combination now aids you in winning a hand. Therefore, the only times you should really “Let it ride” (Raise) is when your four-card hand contains:

  1. A hand that consists of a pair of 10s or higher (this includes two pair, three of a kind, and four of a kind).
  2. A Flush is when you have four cards of the same suit, regardless of their ranks.
  3. Four cards to an outside straight draw with at least one high card
  4. Four cards to an outside straight draw when there are no high cards in the draw
  5. An inside straight draw is four cards to a straight where the missing card would be in the middle of the sequence. For example, if you have 4-5-7-8, any 6 will complete your hand. When all four of your cards are high (10 or higher), this increases your chances of making the hand.

Basically, let it ride if you have a pair of tens or higher, any 4 suited cards, and four consecutive cards or a high inside straight draw where all the cards are 10+.

Let It Ride Poker Hand Rankings (From The Highest to Lowest)

The Royal Flush

A royal flush is a hand consisting of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 from the same suit. This combination ranks highest in the game of Let It Ride Poker.

Straight Flush

Indeed, the Straight Flush hand is made up of 5 cards in sequence, all from the same suit. The highest ranking Straight Flush is King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9 of the same suit. The lowest ranking Straight Flush is 5, 4 , 3 , 2 and Ace of the same suit.


A hand containing 4 cards of the same rank and one that is unmatched. The most highly ranked Four-of-a-kind, known as four Aces, is made up of four 2s.

Full House

A hand with a pair and a three-of-a-kind (three cards of one category and two cards of another). The greatest Full House is made up of three Aces and two Kings, while the lowest Full House consists of three 2s and two 3s. 8, 8, 8, 4:4


A hand that has five cards of the same suit, but not in a consecutive order (sequence) is known as a Flush. The highest ranked Flush is the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 9, while the lowest-ranked Flush is the 7 5 4 3 2. For example: QC 10C 7C 6C and 2C


A hand that has five cards in consecutive order, but not the same suit (sequence), is known as a Straight. The highest ranked Straight is A10, followed by King, Queen, Jack and 10. The lowest ranked Straight is 5A through Ace, with 4S through 3D following. 9H, 8C, 7S, and 6D

Three of a Kind

A hand that has three cards of equal rank and two unmatched cards. Three Aces is the highest ranked Three of a Kind and three 2s is the lowest ranked Three of a Kind.

Two Pair

A hand containing one set of two cards of the same rank, plus another pair of 2 cards of the same rank as well as an an unmatched card. The ranks of each pair are distinct. The Two Pairs with the highest ranks are Q, Q, 7, 7, and 4; and the Two Pairs with the lowest rankings are 2s, 3s, and 2s. An illustration is Q, Q, 7, 7, and 4.

Pair of 10’s Or Better

A hand that has two cards with the same rank, 10s or higher, and three unmatched cards. 1 Aces is the highest ranked Pair as well as two 2s is the lowest ranked Pair.

House Advantages For Let it Ride Stud Poker

Let It Ride Stud Poker is popular among Las Vegas casinos. Although player skill may impact the casino’s edge, Let it Ride Stud Poker still has a reasonable house advantage.

The casino always has an advantage, and depending on the game, that edge is either 3.51% or 2.86%. (To put it another way, for every $3 you bet on average the casino will earn back 10 cents).

The house advantage in craps is 1.4 percent, according to our statistics. Even though Let It Ride has a high house advantage, it makes up for it by paying out extremely large rewards on winning hands. It’s no surprise that Let It Ride is popular among players and casinos!


How To Play

It is a good thing to know from this point that the game resembles Blackjack. There isn’t much difference. Again, whether you find it online or on land-based facilities, it is the same.

The first and primary difference with Blackjack though is that is its layout. While Blackjack has one circle, this game has three.

Besides, circle markings may differ from a casino to the other. Different gaming facilities and online stores might have their circle markings. Finally, but in general, you might find $1 and $2 markings.

Where To Start

To start this online poker game, a player must place their bets on all the three circles. You are at liberty to place whatever amount as long as it is not below what is marked. After placing bets on the three marked circles, you will also spot corresponding bets on the chips. For example, let us say you put $5 on each circle. That will make $15. Furthermore, that would mean you also place $15 for the chips.

Something slightly differs here. Play Let it Ride from land-based facilities you’ll notice something peculiar. Also, the machine deals out three cards at a time. This is different from online stores. Still, in land-based casinos, the dealer will place the cards in front of players. The dealer will also receive an equal number of cards as the player.

However, one card will immediately be discarded from the hand of the dealer. That means he’ll remain with two cards. Both cards will face down. This is the point where players are allowed to check on their hands. If you do not like what you are seeing, you are at liberty to take back one of your bets that you placed. But that is if you feel so.
Let It Ride Casino Game Review

First Of All, There is quite a lot but let us look at the possible Strategy

The first bet can ride if you have:

This 2nd bet will ride if:

Above all, whichever way the results may be, hence, any of those would mean your hold of Let it Ride Casino Game is a firm one.Top

USA Online Casino FAQ


What are the odds on Let It Ride poker?

Let it Ride has a house edge of 3.51 percent, placing it in the middle of the pack when compared to other casino card games, and has higher winning chances than other variants such as Caribbean Stud Poker.

Why don t casinos have let it ride?

The Let it Ride patent, which expired more than five years ago, is also now in the public domain. As a result, game distributors have less incentive to support the original since rivals and casino operators may offer them for less money after re-trademarking them.

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