PlayStation 5’s Impact On Esports Betting

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PlayStation 5’s Impact On Esports Betting

PlayStation 5’s Impact On Esports Betting

Esports betting has attracted quite a bit of attention lately. This has been driven by the lack of live sports and sporting events due to the coronavirus. Much of the emphasis has been on the games themselves.

Sony was set to reveal the workings of the new PlayStation 5 earlier this month. Many insiders believe that this will have a major impact on the entire video gaming industry. Sites are set high for this new technology in the wake of PS4. That equipment upgrade and been described as ‘underwhelming.’ It had little impact on the competitive aspect of esports.

What Kind Of Impact Will PlayStation 5’s Have On Esports Betting?

Competitively, Xbox One has become a crowd favorite for more than a few video games. Two titles mentioned were Halo and Gears of War. Sony was able to secure exclusivity for one of the biggest esports, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. However, PS4 has been unable to overcome the attraction of Xbox One for most other games.

PS5 is expected to launch later in the year. Depending on the response from the competitive aspect of esports, Sony could be in an excellent position to capitalize. Furthermore, this is especially true given how esports are suddenly in the spotlight right now.

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The Call of Duty League has used PS4 the past few years. It has been able to smooth over some technical issues that existed.

This has created a solid platform for CoD competitions at the highest level of the game. One would think that Sony will try and extend its current agreement with Activision in light of the PS5 rollout.

Gamers agree that Sony needs inbuilt support for wired controller connections. Support for PS4 was sent via Bluetooth. This caused some major issues at LAN events that relied on hundreds of controller connections. This required the use of third-party hardware that could wire the controllers directly to the console. It is anticipated that Sony will have this ability built into the content of PS5.

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This feature would be vital to maintain the current association between Sony and Call of Duty

Indeed, this would actually benefit both parties when it comes to the future popularity of this eSports betting staple.

When it comes to the biggest sports-oriented games like Madden and FIFA, the playing field is mixed. Both PS4 and Xbox hold top-level competitions. If PS5 can live up to expectations, it has the chance to gain a significant edge. If it can become the home platform for many of the best players, it can become the default platform for competitive events.

A huge aspect of the new PS5 will be the actual feel of the controller. This is especially important to pro players so it will be a big deal. Players will want to come away with the idea that this is a significant upgrade.

The new PS5 controller will also be tied to any new games that may be released. However, this would have less of an impact on the competitive aspect of esports.

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