Former State Representative Has Been Accused Of Misappropriation Of Funds

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Pennsylvania Casinos Gambling Former State Representative Has Been Accused Of Misappropriation Of Funds

A former Democratic House Representative of Pennsylvania, Mr. Jesse White, has been suspended for misuse of office.

Mr. White was temporarily relieved from his duty as House Representative following claims that he mismanaged a client’s money.

According to the Supreme Court’s preliminary ruling, White misappropriated a customer’s money, the amount that the court asserts is much that does not warrant exemption.

He is accused of cheating, that led to his client lose $96 000. Click here to read about how Pennsylvania Gaming Resorts To Pay Substantial Tax To Respective Communities.

The incident took place in the latter part of 2016. According to court records, White was previously accused by her own mother.

White’s mom sued his son for opening a bank account bearing her name.

Following the two and other accounts of cheating and misappropriation of clients’ money, the Democrat leader has been placed on a temporal leave pending comprehensive investigations.

In part, when the court reprieved him, it said, “There is need to remove a man of such character from public office at least temporarily. If he is let to continue serving the public, he is likely to continue doing the same vices even more thus misusing his position.”

The statement went on to say that from what they have gathered, White has spent $96, 000 that belonged to a client. However, he has not been formerly charged with any crime.

Other reports indicate that White has spent a total of $12, 000 that was given to him by a confidant. Although the money did not have any relation with representation, he chose to disappear with the money. All these accounts show that he is not worthy of public office.

He Tried To Bar The Court In Vain

Mr. White tried to bar the court from suspending him on account that he is currently undergoing a treatment by his efforts bore no fruit after the court ordered that his law license must be held.

He argued that he is undergoing pathological gambling addiction treatment.

White has been serving in the legislature department of Pennsylvania for 7 years since 2007.

However, in 2013, it emerged that his reputation was questionable. This followed a revelation that his online presence was represented by a diverse number of personas including that of a woman who is blonde. White used this particular online presence of a woman, to intimidate people mostly men. He made real money online casino gambling sites quite a fortune.

A number of people showed up to testify that ‘Ashley Jackson’ the blonde woman’s online name intimidated them for months.

One blogger, a pro-fracking, said that he knew White. The blogger confirmed that White had dozens of fake social accounts, though he said that he had no idea how the representative was using them.

Sued By Mother

White is not new to controversy. Sadly, he does not have respect for family members including his own mother.

His mother accused him when she alleged that White used her identity to create a credit account that bore her name. He later used the account bearing her mother’s name to steal more than $27, 000.

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