State Trooper On PA Casino Security Team Tied To Crime Ring?

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PA Casino Strip Club Owner Accused

PA Casino Strip Club Owner Accused

During the day, a Pennsylvania state trooper was part of a security detail for Mohegan Sun Pocono. This is a casino resort property in the northeast section of the state. Recent investigations into his private life paint a totally different picture of his nighttime activities. Was A State Trooper On PA Casino Security Team Tied To Crime Ring?

Was A State Trooper On PA Casino Security Team Really Tied To Crime Ring?

Robert Covington Jr. was paid to enforce state gaming laws at Mohegan Sun. He was a member of the Pennsylvania State Police while working this detail. He also had a side job that landed him on the wrong side of the law.

Covington was arrested for promoting prostitution and illegal gambling. This was part of his role as the proprietor of the Sinners Swing strip club in Mayfield, PA. The club was located in the same region of the Poconos as Mohegan Sun.

He was recently arraigned on various charges by a statewide grand jury.

The actual charges in the Casino in PA case cover some ground including:

  1. Running a corrupt organization
  2. Conspiracy
  3. Promoting prostitution
  4. Operating illegal gambling devices
  5. Dealing with the proceeds of unlawful activities

Just for good measure, he was also cited for lying to a state trooper. Adding to his troubles, he failed to account for his ownership interest in the club. This was discovered on a state financial disclosure form.

Covington was a 13-year veteran with the Pennsylvania State Police. He was part of the Bureau of Gaming Enforcement Division in his current role with Mohegan Sun Pocono. He has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of his case.

It appears that Covington was the ringleader among the four individuals charged in this case. David Klem was arrested as co-owner of the club. Michael Ball is facing charges as the club’s manager. Deanna Tallo was a performer at the club.

Klem already has a criminal record. Known as “Flava Dave,” he spent time in prison for selling drugs. This took place in the pizza restaurant he owned at that time.

Tallo was convicted of smuggling drugs and tobacco into Lackawanna County Prison.

Following the recent arraignment, a preliminary hearing has been set for Feb. 23. The Magisterial District Judge assigned to the arraignment proceedings in this case was Laura Turlip.

During the arraignment proceedings, it was stated that the strippers did not receive any salary or hourly compensation. They worked strictly for tips. Bigger tips could be earned for private dances. The biggest tips were for “extras.” This included sex acts that were performed at the encouragement of club management. The club operated VIP rooms.

One of the PA Casino club’s dancers told the grand jury that she could earn between $2000 and $4000 a week performing extras.

The case goes back to March of last year. That is when state troopers first seized five illegal gambling devices from the PA Casino club. Payouts from $15 to $160 were witnessed by undercover officers at that time.

Covington did remove himself as an official owner in papers filed with the state. Yet, he continued to play an active role in managing the operation.

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