The Meadows Casino In Pennsylvania Is Now The Hollywood Casino?

The Meadows Casino In Pennsylvania Is Now The Hollywood Casino

The Meadows Casino In Pennsylvania Is Now The Hollywood Casino

Western Pennsylvania’s Meadows Racetrack and Casino will be operating under a new identity. However, its new name will be the one longtime players in the area are already familiar with.

Famous Casino now with a New Operator

The Meadows Racetrack Casino, the most popular casino in Washington County, does not exist anymore. At least, not under that name. On Friday, the new identity of the casino was revealed. In the future, the facility will operate as Hollywood Casino at The Meadows. The reopening festivities lasted over the weekend and included plenty of fun activities and surprises for the guests. VP of Marketing at the new casino, Rajul Kaushik said that with the unveiling already done, now it’s time to celebrate. Kaushik also added that the celebration is for the people, not the company itself. As he noted, it was the people that brought the company to where it is now. Will Meadows / Hollywood become the next PA online casino?

The celebrations included several exciting promotional events. On Saturday, the casino handed out prizes worth $100,000 total. The main reward was a brand-new Mercedes Benz. Prizes were drawn on every hour. The festivities also feature food trucks and performances by local musicians and celebrities.

Penn National Gaming, a company that acquired the Meadows casino in 2018, is the oldest real money gambling operator in Pennsylvania. They assumed the operations of the Washington County casino through the acquisition of Pinnacle Entertainment. The Meadows casino’s physical assets, however, are under Penn’s real estate investment trust control since 2014. Now three years, since taking full control, the company has decided that it’s time to rebrand the establishment. Meadows Casino is now the latest Penn National Gaming property to be renamed Hollywood Casino. The Penn Nation Gaming operated 3 out of 15 casinos in the state and will now add the fourth.

New Ownership Announces Changes

The name will not be the only thing to change. The casino is about to go through a full makeover. New operators have announced their intentions to add many new offerings and amenities to their guests. The name change, they say, is just an important milestone that will signal the beginning of a new era for the casino.

Some changes are already in place. In 2019, the food court went through an overhaul and is now The Eatery. The new facility will feature five different eateries in one dining experience for all visitors. Due to the pandemic, the guests haven’t been able to check it out yet. In addition, the casino also has six full-service restaurants.

The changes will also include a new sportsbook which will be set in the middle of the casino maximizing the excitement. There are already plans in place to upgrade the sportsbook even further. The casino floor has been cleared a bit, and the Embers Lounge is now next to the racetrack for those who enjoy horse racing betting.

In the last fiscal year before the pandemic, 2018-2019, the Meadows Casino had around $248 million of gambling revenue. The vast majority came from the slot machines – $211.95 million.

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