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Everi is not a familiar name to many people. It continues to supply many casinos with games for some time now. Everi slots are new to many. But that is not the reason why many people do not know the gaming developer.Two long-term gaming suppliers do business in Everi slots. Three years ago, in 2014 Global Cash Access Inc (GCA) buys Multimedia Games. A couple of months after the sale, a new company is here.


The name of the new gaming company is Everi slots. Does that mean that Everi is new? No! The gaming company is old. It supplies many gaming products to individual sites. It gives many live casinos its products.

There Is A change of the name from Multimedia Games to Everi Gaming Software

It is a change of the name from Multimedia Games to Everi gaming software. Many of the products from Global Cash Access are physical products. But there is a wide range of software products. This enables clients to do safe and secure transactions. The aim of the company is to help individual casino operators.

Over the years, Global Cash Access now Everi Slots is helping operators. They do quick processing of debit and credit card transactions.. Do not confuse Everi for cash exchange bureaus. The gaming company aims at helping casino operators curb money laundering deals.

3-in-1 Rollover Technology

It is a good deal. No one will launder money through the casino. The gaming software producer uses 3-in-1 Rollover technology. This technology allows casino patrons to access their cash. They do so using three main means:

· ATM transactions.

· Credit card cash advances.

· POS Debit Card cash advances.

While you may think that Everi is young, the company has gone far. It has over 300 licenses. That means it can operate in all the 300+ jurisdictions.

Serving Over 1000 Gambling Sites Around The World

With the 300 licenses, Everi slots serves over 1000 gaming sites around the world. This is making the company a huge entity in the gaming market.

In the year of coming together, the two companies are doing massive cash transfers. The software provider transacts over 85 million individual processes.

These transactions bring a total of $22 billion within a year. Before the renaming, the company has no slot machines. Things have changed so fast.
Everi Casino Gaming Software | Search Slot Machines By Maker
Today, the number of the slot machines by Everi is so huge. Remember that Multimedia is on sale from 2010. Efforts to find a buyer are not working fast.

Everi Gaming is born

Later, a buyer comes. Buying takes place. Everi Gaming is born. For some time, the company goes silent. During this time, it is preparing many products. When the company finally releases a press statement, there are 3000 slots! Today, there are more than 20, 000. The secret to the fast growing of Everi Gaming is TournEvent. This is a system of the bank of machines. It brings together players to compete against each other when playing slots.

This system is big. Many players are running into it. There are many benefits to the system. Players now belong to a tournament. It gives out big prizes. Everi Gaming is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest slot machine tournament.

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Jack Gold

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