Pennsylvania Online Gaming Facing Challenges, U.S. Jeff Sessions Cause Of Concern

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A joint Senate that discussed how online gaming will be done in Pennsylvania last week would be ongoing were it not be for another bill in the ‘kitchen’ that might hinder the progress of the first bill.

This is something that is of serious concern to one new U.S Attorney who has vowed to do whatever he can within his powers to stop the mess that is likely to be causing by the new bill. Jeff Sessions has for the past few days shown that he is not a ‘sit on the hedge’ man while people spoil the repute of the docket he presides over.

It is barely 4 days ago, on Friday, when 5 representatives from the state introduced HB 801 whose authors assert that would amend the current state’s gambling law, giving broader provisions, which will ensure that the powers of amending and crafting of new gambling laws are not vested on the board. In short, the bill seeks to deprive the board, the power to make laws such as legalizing internet gambling.

One of the authors of the HB 801, Thomas Hurt, a very determined and focused man, has for a long time vowed that he is willing to do all he has to do to ensure that the state halts online gambling even if it is regulated.Pennsylvania Gaming Resorts To Pay Substantial Tax To Respective Communities.

His particular area of interest is in Keystone State, which he says that if internet gaming is allowed, the state will not be able to make real money online casino gambling sites a major booster of the economy.

In part, HB 801 states, “No single person or entity shall be allowed by law to collect, solicit, invite, or even accept any money whether in cash, debit cards or even by the aid of internet for purposes of betting or wagering.”

Another part that raises concern is when the bill says that whether one is alone in the house or somewhere far from another person or people, he will be in violation of the law if he used the internet to organize a gambling event over the internet.

“No single person or entity shall be allowed to organize or give his/her hand in the organizing whatever type of betting event that is done and facilitated by and on the internet,” continues HB 801.

It is not the first time the Senate is discussing an internet gaming bill.

In 2014, Paul Clymer, a State Representative presented before the house bill number R-145, which many say was identical to the current HB 801. R-145 received overwhelming support from Senate members.

Barely two years ago, Thomas Murt, the man behind the current bill, brought before the house bill number R-125 for deliberations. The bill bore similar aspects with slight differences.

R-125, however, did not receive much support as R-145 thus is died without a trace. The question many ask is, will HB 801 sail through and bring any changes to the online gambling sector?

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Pennsylvania Online Gaming Facing Challenges, U.S. Jeff Sessions Cause Of Concern
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Pennsylvania Online Gaming Facing Challenges, U.S. Jeff Sessions Cause Of Concern
Learn Why The Pennsylvania Internet Casino Gambling Sites Are Facing Challenges In U.S. As Jeff Sessions Is A Cause Of Concern?
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