What Is The Difference Between Cajun Stud Versus Mississippi Stud Poker?

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What Is The Difference Between Cajun Stud Vs. Mississippi Stud Poker?

Are You Ready To Learn The What The Difference Between Cajun Stud Versus Mississippi Stud Poker? Many people play Cajun Stud, a game by Galaxy Gaming. If you are currently playing this poker game, you have a lot to relate. Yes, in many cases, people who play this game say it is much similar to Mississippi Stud. So, it is Cajun Stud Vs. Mississippi Stud. The truth is that the games are the same. However, there is a difference. Although the difference is not significant, it is worth it. The difference between the two comes when you are looking at the features and how to deal mississippi stud. Let’s dig into some mississippi stud tips.

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What Are The Differences Between Cajun Stud VS. Mississippi Stud Poker?

The gameplay may be the same. The layout too is similar. Besides, the two are popular poker games. But when it comes to features, the two are very different. One of the games has a side bet. The Cajun Stud game has five cards. Revealing these cards must be gradual. Along the way, the player must make decisions. You may say that this is pretty much similar to Mississippi Stud. You are right. Back to the other game, the player decides to raise his/her ante. They can do so by 1 or 3X. Alternatively, the player can decide to fold.

Learn The Rules

So, now that you already know the difference between the two, let’s look at the rules. These rules work for Cajun Stud, not for any other game. But you may want to use them as general guidelines for playing any playing any type of poker.

Before we delve into the more beautiful details of the rules, it is good to master something important. Whenever you see the word ‘Ante,’ know that it is the first bet. It is the initial bet. Usually, this is a wager from the player. The other thing is that this game uses an ordinary 52-card game. Now, let’s move straight into the rules.

• The players and the dealer shall each receive two cards each. Three community cards will follow. The latter will face down.
• Knowing the two initial cards, the place can decide. They can raise 1X or 3X the ante. Alternatively, the player can choose to fold.
What Is The Difference Between Cajun Stud Vs. Mississippi Stud Poker?
The dealer will reveal the first community card. Again, having the knowledge of the three cards, two that he was dealt and one community card, the player decides. This time too, the player can choose to raise 1X or 3X the ante. He can also choose to fold.

More Variations Of The Game Below


• It is time for the dealer to reveal the second community card.
• The time for the player to decide is here. Knowing the four cards (his two and the two community cards), the player will select. The player will choose to raise 1X to 3X the initial wager. He can also decide to fold.

• The dealer shall then reveal the third and last community card.
• The sequence goes on as before. As for the pay table, it is much similar to Mississippi Stud.

The difference is on the side bets that are in the Cajun Stud.
There are two side bets namely the Pocket Bonus and the Board Bonus. The two have different pay tables as follows:

What Is The Board Bonus Paytable?

How Big Of A Difference Is There Between The Pocket Bonus Paytable And Cajun Stud And Mississippi Stud Poker?

Most importantly, this is the difference between Cajun Stud Vs. Mississippi Stud.


How to Play Cajun Stud Poker

One of the latest trends in casino games is to take a poker variation plus turn into a gambling game where someone can play against the dealer instead of against other players. Cajun Stud Poker is one such game.

I don’t think of these games as actual poker. To me, games like Cajun Stud are more akin to pretend poker than real poker. The rivalry between you and the other players at the table is one of the main features of a poker game.

The Cajun Stud was designed by a firm called Galaxy Gaming, which also develops other card games like it.

The game is loosely based on 5-card stud, although it also incorporates elements of Texas hold’em (community cards). You must make an ante wager to begin. During the showing of the cards, you have the option to raise or fold. The game also has side bets.

Cajun Stud Rules

In Cajun Stud, you play with a regular deck of 52 cards. You start the game by placing an ante bet, and you can also place side bets, which have different payouts depending on the bet.

After you’ve placed your first wager, you’ll be dealt 2 cards. The dealer also deals 3 community cards facing down. You may then fold, raise, or stay low.

To win the hand, your raise must be one or three times the size of your ante bet. This is your 3rd street bet.After you complete betting phase, the dealer flips over one of the 3 community cards. Then, there’s another betting round with the same options. This is your fourth

The dealer then displays the next community card, after which you may raise or fold. This is your fifth street bet. Once you complete the betting action, the dealer reveals the final public card and compensates bets.

The player may raise 1x to 3x his ante bet after learning four cards if he has the knowledge of four cards.

Cajun Stud Payouts And Bets

The stakes for the ant and raise bets are calculated based on your 5-card poker hand’s worth.

Indeed, the payout for a royal flush is 500 to 1. Furthermore, the payout for a straight flush is 100 to 1. Moreover, the payout for 4 of a kind is 40 to 1.

When you have a full house, you will get paid 10 times what you put in. Should you have a flush, you will get paid 6 times what you put in. If you have a straight, you will get paid 4 times what you put in.

Once you or a a player has a pair of jacks or better, you will get your money back. When you have a pair of 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, or 10s, you will not lose any money. If you have any other hand, then you will lose money.

The board bonus bet is based on the three community cards that everyone can see.

It pays off as follows:

At 50 to 1, a royal flush pays off. Get paid 40 to 1 with a straight flush. 3 of a kind pays off at 30 to 1. A straight pay offs at 6 to 1.

A flush wins 3 to 1 in percentage-fee games. A pair pays even money in proportion-fee games. Results for any other hand are losses the player incurs.

The combined balances of your two cards is how the house pays the pocket bonus. It pays out as follows: A pair of aces pays out at 25 to 1 A suited ace and a face card combine to pay out at 20 to 1.

At 10 to 1, an unsuited ace and a face card pay off. Any other pair wins at 5 to 1. A player loses if he or she has any other hand.

The lo ball wager is paid off based on the final 5-card hand, but the goal is to have a low hand. It pays as follows: 7 high pays out at 100 to 1 8 high pays out at 50 to 1 9 high pays out at 15 to 1

The 6 to 5 low pays off at 1 to 0.5, while the 9 to 8 high pays off at 5 to 1. Jack high pays off even money, whereas any other hand results in a loss for the player. We hope this gives you ideas for the best way to play mississippi stud.

 Ante Bet

The amount you’ll wager by the end of the hand will be 3.589772 times the Ante bonus, on average. That makes the Element of Risk, which is defined as the ratio of anticipated loss to total stake, 4.9149 percent/3.589772 = 1.37%.

What is Louisiana Stud?

Louisiana Stud is similar to miss stud or missisipi stud. It is a stud poker game played against a pay table. Two cards are dealt to be combined with three community cards to create a five-card poker hand. Payouts are determined by the pay table.

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