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Casino Royale Hotel

Casino Royale Plus Best Western is in 3411 Boulevard South in Las Vegas. The gaming facility is categorized among Las Vegas Casinos that are considered small. This characterization is not based on the type of gaming or games that are offered in casino resorts but according to the gaming space.

Casino Royale Las Vegas Reviews | Casino Royale Hotel

Here are quick statistics based on what you can find in and outside the Casino Royale:

About The Casino Royale

In as much as the gaming space might be seen as a small one compared to other Nevada casinos, Casino Royale Plus Best Western suites are excellent. The rates are slightly higher than what other hotels of Royale’s caliber ask.


Currently, the quotes for a room each night is between $180 and $210. However, it is still affordable.

Casino Royale Review

When the name Casino Royale is mentioned to some people, it is a gaming facility of ‘little rollers.’

Whether that refers to the kind of games offered, the size of the establishment, the kind of visitors who check in or any other reason related to gaming, one thing sure: there are those who consider Casino Royale the best among many Nevada casinos.

Of course, they do this for a good reason. Inside the casino, gamers enjoy 20x odds. Trust you me, very few gaming facilities offer such kind of odds nowadays.

Something is also unique about Casino Royale. It is the first gaming facility in the LVS that introduced Blackjack Switch, a Geoff Hall’s variant blackjack.

When the resort plant added the game to players, many of those who loved casino games thronged the service for many days.

Overall, I felt there were a lot better casinos and hotels in Sin City. The games were fine but they were nothing exceptional. Also, the rooms were not luxurious but they were cheap.


Following Casino Royale’s debut introduction of that type of blackjack, several other Nevada casinos followed suit. Today, you are likely to find the game nearly every facility in Nevada thanks to Casino Royale.

Because of small space, the facility has only 150 visitor suites. But the decency of the rooms cannot be compared with any other on at the LVS.

Casino Royale is also home to a variety of casual restaurants that are famed for delicious meals that are prepared by qualified chefs. The restaurants include Fat Tuesdays that opened recently, which features discounted meals on Tuesdays thus Fat Tuesdays and Outback Steakhouse.

The lowest amount of money you can ever bet on Craps is $0.05 with chances of winning lots of money from the little you’ll ever spend.

Some games that you might place your money on are:

You can contact Casino Royale via (702) 737/3500 or visit for more information.

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