NetEnt And Sony Pictures Entertainment To Launch Jumanji Video Slot

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Net Entertainment & Sony Pictures Launch Jumanji Video Slots

Did You Know Net Entertainment & Sony Pictures Are Launching Jumanji Video Slots? Do you enjoy watching films? What kinds of movies do you love? If you are a movie lover, there is no doubt that you will love watching anyway. We are now talking about a movie from back in the days. But it is going to have a fresh look. Also, this is what Net Entertainment casino is planning to do. Check out the new game in this video.

When Are Net Entertainment & Sony Pictures Launching Jumanji Video Slots?

NetEnt, a Swedish gaming supplier, is teaming up with Sony Pictures. The aim is one: the two want to release a game. The video slot machine will have a fresh look. The NetEnt slot the two will release dates back 1995. It is a fantasy film known as Jumanji. Back in the days, this film is the people’s choice. But because of advancement in technology, it is possible that people forget. After, all, many things are coming up each day.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

For the above reasons, it is easy for someone to forget this adventure-based film easily. But now NetEnt is vowing to revive the movie and bring it back to life. The developer is saying that this new video slot is a follow-up of another. The gaming supplier is referring to another video slot it releases on December 20, 2017. Many people are enjoying the latest blockbuster release franchise. NetEnt names the December release Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Based On Chris Van Allsburg 1981 Children’s Book

While many people are asking many questions, the casino gaming software producer is busy. They are asking why not name them Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle I and II. The December video slot comes from the 1981 children’s book. The book has the same title as the slot. It is the work of Chris Van Allsburg. Chris does a very good in the children’s book. For his excellent job, NetEnt wants to give the book an exposure. This time, the game is something great. Apart from entertaining big people, the game gives them a chance to earn.

Adults Only!

The Winner In The Last 3 Consecutive Weekends

But in this new version, the video slot, it is for adults. You see! Above all, this is the change we are talking about. It comes thanks to technology. Gaming software producers are also working hard each day. The aim is to come up with things that entertain. Additionally, the games give punters a chance to win lots of money. December 20, 2017, release is doing well at the Box Office. It is the winner in the last three consecutive weekends. What is more is that the game is delivering more than $700 million worldwide. Note that this game is only one month old!

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Net Entertainment & Sony Pictures Launch Jumanji Video Slots
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Sony Pictures And Net Entertainment Make A Good Team

Last weekend, the movie was ranking number 5 during the Friday-Sunday timeframe. During this period, the slot machine is taking approximately $20 million. According to Forbes, this is the seventh-biggest fifth weekend with the gross profit of all times. Commenting on the deal between NetEnt and Sony, Chief Product Officer says it is an achievement. Henrik Fagerlund means that it is one of the greatest things Net Entertainment Casino gets in 2018.

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