Hundreds Of Slot Machines Shut Down In Utah, But Makers Claim They’re Legal

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Hundreds Of Slot Machines Shut Down In Utah, But Makers Claim They’re Legal

There was drama throughout the week in most parts of Utah State as hundreds of slot machines were shut down by unknown people.

Among the most affected parts include supermarkets, shopping malls, gas stations, and restaurants, ethnic and small markets across Utah.

So, far, more than 500 slot machines have been impounded.

Curt Bramble, the State’s Senator is the latest Utah casino lawmaker to speak about the impounding of those machines.

He was speaking this when concerned members of the public approached him demanding an explanation into the circumstances that led to the abrupt impounding of the slot machines.

According to Utah authorities, in 2016 alone, between $12 million and $24 million was transacted through most of those machines that were strategically placed in more than 130 different locations in Utah.

If what authorities say is true, those who aim at making real money online casino gambling sites a profitable industry will have to wait a while longer. This is because much of the benefits is laundered in these slots, according to a section of the authority.

Massive raids on the machines started early Wednesday and there are no signs that the operation will end soon.

Although more than 500 slot machines have been impounded from different locations in Utah particularly downtown, there are no reports of any arrests.

Speaking on Thursday, the Chief of Criminal Investigations in the Office of The Attorney General, Leo Lucy said that those who will be apprehended will face the full force of the law.

“The office of the Attorney General is concerned about the number of slot machines that are considerably illegal. We are focused on the operation. Our aim is not to impound legal developments. However, there’re illegal gambling devices amongst us. We shall have all of them shut down and the owners be charged with multiple felony,” Lucey said.

Lucey added that if the machines will not be dealt with now, the right time, they will be the cause of serious generational problems in the future.

“These illegal devices are placed at open places where anybody of any age can access. This is especially very dangerous to the young generation,” Lucey added.

In a quick rejoinder, operators of the alleged machines have asserted that they are indeed legal.

Concerned Residents

Investigations into the presence and operation of illegal slot machines started when three lawmakers launched a claim over the machines.

After receiving information from concerned members, and the state’s representatives, the Attorney General’s office acted swiftly thus impounding the machines.

Like Hawaii, Utah is does not accept gambling of any form.

Coincidentally, in Utah State, it is illegal if you are caught doing the ‘gambling act’ and its punishable by law.

Makers Defend Their Machines

After the raid, Intermountain Vending, the makers of the machines said on a statement that the Attorney General is acting in contravention to the federal law.

“AG’s act is and will remain disappointing and regrettable. We’re operating within Utah’s law,” Intermountain Vending said.

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