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Are you looking for a Kansas Casino? If you live in Kansas and are interested in playing online slots for real money or playing any gambling game, we have a list below of the best Kansas casinos that accept major credit cards and pre-paid Visa and MasterCard from residents from the Sunflower state.

Best Kansas Casinos & Gambling Sites

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2 老虎机资本赌场 $2777评论
3 上城小精灵 AUD8,888评论
4 拉斯维加斯美国赌场 $10000评论
5 迈阿密俱乐部赌场 $4000评论

It is important for the people that play 美国互联网插槽 for real money in the Sunflower state. It was as just as crucial to discover betting parlors all over the United States of America that accept major credit cards and pre-paid Visa and MasterCard’s from KS residents. We also have the USA Bitcoin casinos section. This is for the folks that like to play slots for real money online from KS and all over the United States of America that use Bitcoins (BTC) to make deposits and withdrawals. If you have reached this page and live in a different state besides the sunflower and still want to play online slots for real money take a look at the find a local casino by state page.

Latest Kansas Casino News

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Former Kansas City Casino Resort Embarks on a $40 Million Renovation Project

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Kansas Racing And Gaming Commission Crack Down on Illegal Slots in Two Locals

Kansas Racing And Gaming Commission Crack Down on Illegal Slots in Two Locals?

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Kansas Senate Rejects Lower Gambling Revenue For State

The Topeka Capital-Journal recently reported on their website (cjonline.co) that the Kansas Senate narrowly defeated a bill that would lower the state’s taxes on gambling revenue. The bill was introduced...


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If you came to this page looking for legal advice about the online gambling laws we do not provide legal advice. The best thing to do before playing any game on the net for real money is to consult an attorney to seek legal advice.

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The Sunflower lies in the Midwestern part of the vast land of the United States. For those who have stayed or have visited KS can aptly confirm that there are tons of property filled with whole wheat thanks to the Great Plains the Sunflower offers. It is also in the Sunflower where you can remind yourself of old now non-existent animals such as the dinosaurs, and the Elvis thanks to the World Museum Treasures. The World Museum Treasures is a fantastic place to visit. They have dinosaur exhibits that are extraordinary for dinosaur fans and folks that like going to museums.

Wichita is a wonderful town to live in and visit. Have you ever heard of Wichita before? The Wizard Of Oz movie took place in Wichita. Folks think that it is a fictitious town however they are incorrect. There are beautiful things to do in Wichita, including heading to Kansas casinos and resorts. The World Museum Treasures is just one of many things that you can do in this lovely town. Other places of interest in the state include Hutchinson that is home to Apollo 13 and the Russian Vostok, spacecraft that made to the books of U.S. and Russian history several decades ago.

The Apollo 13

Apollo 13 launched on in the early 1970s. It was not the first manned spacecraft, which is a common misconception. Apollo 13 was the seventh manned spacecraft, but it was the first successful mission. There have been many famous movies made about Apollo 13. Fred Haise, Jim Lovell, and Jack Swigert launched The Apollo 13 on April 11, 1970. In 1995 Bill Paxton, Gary Sinise, Tom Hanks, and Kevin Bacon made the first movie about it. The movie was Epic and is still one of the best movies. I still enjoy watching the movie plus going on the spacecraft in Disney Orlando Florida.

Rich Betting History

Away from the rich history of KS, there is something more modern that you may be interested in, the betting industry. Currently, there is a total of 12 Kansas casino sites. Inside these Kansas casinos, you can find 165 table games and slightly more than 12, 004 gaming slots that offer players an ample machine and table where they can play. With slightly over 3 million people currently living in KS, it is reasonable to say that the casino industry in Kansas is doing well for the seemingly small number of people when compared to other big states such as Pennsylvania.

Kansas casinos do not charge much money for a single bet. In fact, the Sunflower state has one of the lowest and most affordable betting prices across the U.S. The least amount you can use on a single bet is $0.01. While this is the lowest betting value that has been set by all states across the U.S., the difference comes to the maximum; you can use on a single bet, which is $5. Of the 13 Kansas City casinos, three of them offer night services. That means you can sleep in the three casinos as you enjoy your games from the resort of your choice.

However, because the number of those hotels that offer night services is few compared to the number of people who would want to spend time with their loved ones within the resort’s environs, it is important to make new arrangements; otherwise, you might miss a room.

Kansas Casino Facts

Live poker is offered inside Kansas casino sites. Hitherto, there are 46 poker tables and some of the games you will enjoy while inside most casinos in KS are Limit Hold’em, No-Limit Hold’em, Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi, 7 Card Stud, and Omaha among other premium games. You can also hold meetings of whatever size from some Kansas casinos. In aggregate, those casinos that offer conference services have meeting space that totals 12, 500 square feet.
The 12 casinos are spread in 8 cities across KS Crossing. The city with the highest number of gaming facilities is KS City that home to 3 resorts. Woodlands Hotel and Resort is so far the biggest with some 2, 800 gaming tables.

One of the best no download and mobile gambling sites for real money slot players that live in KS is Uptown Aces casinos. Real Time Gaming software powers Uptown Aces Internet and mobile sites for slots that accept major credit cards like American Express (AMEX) and pre-paid MasterCard and Visa from KS residents.

Las Vegas offers KS residents that play 在线老虎机 for real money a grandiose welcome sign up bonus that is right up to $10,000 when you sign up through one of our links or banners. The people that live in the Sunflower can play video and classic 移动插槽 plus any table and specialty game online with no download or on the go on mobile Smartphones and tablets.最佳

Kansas Casinos Gambling | Legal Kansas Casino Gambling Sites
Kansas Casinos Gambling | Legal Kansas Casino Gambling Sites
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