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Are you aware that Logispin has the most advanced software developments? The firm does specialize in which is out of this world. The software is very reliable and handy. Also, Logispin has left their mark all over the gaming arena. Did you know the Sportsbook and casinos rely on Logispin? Above all, they also depend on in-depth office module, analytics, and reporting. This is by no means an easy task!

Logispin Gaming Backstory and History

It has been in existence since 2009. At first, Logispin was a software development and consulting agency. It has a lot of experience and knowledge from all this. Logispin employs mathematicians, financiers, and managers under their belt. They all bring vast experience to the table. It is clear that Logispin does understand the gaming industry. Most importantly, this is obvious in their contributions and developments.

Above all, The firm has target markets

1. B2B.
2. Operators.
3. Operators for virtual games and other betting platforms.

Here is a sample list of Logispin Slot machine games which are free to play;

· Africa Wild.
· Bollywood nights.
· Candyland.
· Dragon fortune.
· Old West.
· House of Dracula.
· One night in Vegas.
· Pirate Island.
· The Pyramids of Anubis.
· Reel Assault.
· Santa’s gifts.
· The Don.

Social Gaming Is An Aspect

There is nothing Logispin cannot offer. It also offers turnkey solutions and bespoke software. Anything that goes into the betting scene they have a handle on. The company designs game in different languages. The games can work on different scenarios and platforms.

The games also include those on social gaming like those on Facebook and mobile gaming. It is essential to know computer codes as a software developer. More knowledge is necessary for success. Logispin has proven this fact. They are fluent in C++ and HTML5. Logispin also knows a lot about many currencies. Also, This helps them keep on top of the global nature web-based casinos and sportsbooks.

The Management Team

Management has a huge role in the running and maintenance of any gambling site. The company’s management system gives operators everything they need. These tools enable the operators to keep an eye on their business.

· Tools to manage fraud.
· Data warehouse tools.
· API integration devices.

· The tools that Logispin provide are also useful when it comes to payment. They enable the webmasters to:

· Accept payment from different sources.
· Handle and operate multi-level new schemes.
· Incorporate bonuses.
· Engage with the customers.
· Customer satisfaction is a priority for Logispin.

About Their Sportsbook

Logispin is in the lead when it comes to the sportsbook. It concentrates on live match coverage. Logispin also gives the analyzers more information. The extra information is on the situation on the pitch, the history of the teams and other factors of interest to a bettor. The design of Logispin is such that it can handle a lot of bets and types of bets such as high stakes. High stakes are most desired.

Logispin casino games

Logispin games platforms are the best. The designs allow the operators to include developers games they prefer. The clients can use API to have 3D video slots, video poker, bingo, table games and others. Logispin has come a long way and achieved so much. Wouldn’t you like to see what next Logispin does? Top

Rich Caesar

Rich Caesar

Rich Caesar is a part time writer for the Play Slots 4 Real Money online casino reviews, gambling news and mobile casino complaints site. He grew up in Las Vegas and worked in the casino gambling business for several years. We are proud to have Rich as a part time writer on our site.


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