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Incredible Technologies Gaming

Incredible Technologies is a gaming company with a rich history. It made a debut in the gambling world in 1985. Richard Ditton and Elaine Hodgson are the owners of this company. When it starts, it is not a gaming company per se. It starts with video gaming. Later it goes into gaming for real money on the gambling platform”. The early creations from this company are Commodore 64 and Apple Mac II. These early developments are what make people know about the company.

Learn About Incredible Technologies Gaming Software Producers

Starting 1985 to somewhere in the early 2000s, Incredible Technologies does a lot of things. These things include trying of several businesses in the gaming industry. The aim is to look for a suitable product to create. Something happens in the wake of 2005. Incredible Technologies decides to take a turn. The gaming developer starts to generate Class III online casino games.

The Magic Touch Slot Machine

The company’s first development is Magic Touch. This slot takes about six years before it comes to the market. After it is out to the public, many people love it. They accept it as if it is in the market for long. That is just a start. Incredible Technologies go on to create other games. The second in the list is Crazy Money. King Bling quickly follows in.
incredable technologies
The three slots quickly become a household name in most casino resorts around the world. More than ten years later, these games continue to rock the world. Today, Incredible Technologies is a superpower. This gaming company is in agreement with several other bodies.

Below are some of the bodies

1. American Amusement Machine Association (AAMA).
2. Amusement Machine Operators Association (AMOA).
3. National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA).
4. Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM).

The gaming company does not have many games. But they are enough to keep you moving. You can find the company’s games throughout the world.

The following are some of the countries you can see IT games:

· The United Kingdom.
· Philippines.
· Australia
· Peru.
· China.
· 17 states in the U.S.

Free To Play Games

· Leonidas King of The Spartans.
· Crazy Money.
· King Bling.
· Magic Touch (debut slot).
· Big Prize Bubblegum.

About Incredible Technologies

Incredible Technologies is a gaming company that comes with a difference. It hails from the U.S. City of Chicago. The company works from an office in Vernon Hills in Illinois. From humble beginnings, IT has now over 150 employees. This group of experts turns the company into a gaming powerhouse. Some of the experts that create fantastic games in the company include:

· Animators.
· Sound engineers.
· Artists.
· Programmers.
· Designers.

You can learn something incredible from their website. Here, you will see the company’s mission statement. It is what motivates employees. The report says, “By cultivating the energy, ideas, and passion of our people, Incredible Technologies creates powerful game content. That is what players want to play, and operators want to own.”

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