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Games lab is a gaming company that is in operation for over nine years now. All these years, Games Lab slots are reaching thousands of players worldwide. The gaming company uses casino gaming software to create all its wagering products. Although this gaming company emerged in 2008, it starts way back. It is part of the group called Blue Wombat. It is one of Australia’s biggest gaming powerhouses.

In more than ten years, Blue Wombat grows. Games Lab also is growing. This is the reason why the gaming company continues to make many gaming products.

Currently, there are over 50 gaming experts working with Games Lab. This small group of experts comprises:

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· Artists.
· Animators.
· Programmers.

The gaming company started as a subsidiary of BW is 2008. But it is not until 2013 that Games Lab creates a first game in the social gaming arena.

This year, 2013, Slots Central is out. Many Facebook users in Australia are happy. Their happiness comes because the game is from within.

That is not the end. After Slots Central is out, Games Lab sees the need to bring out something. Instead of creating something new, the gaming company thinks of something ingenious.

The Games Lab creates an Android and iOS version of Slots Central

Games Lab creates an Android and iOS version of Slots Central. This creates a buzz among all Australian Facebook users. You have to be a games enthusiast to feel the pleasure Australian gamers feel.

From such humble beginnings, Slots Central is now a big thing. It is now a gaming hub it is a gaming company. There are many live video slots.

Games Lab operates out of an office in Chatswood. They refer to the room as a studio. That is what the staff prefers the room to be. A lot of things take place at the Chatswood Studio. All of the activities in the studio relate to gaming production.

Are you an animator or a programmer? Do you work in the gaming industry? If you think you have a vast knowledge of gaming, there is work for you. Games Lab is currently in need of these experts.

The firm is seeking to increase the workforce. This will finally expand the gaming company. As the gaming company expands from within, it means services will be close and fast to the people.
Games Lab Casino Gaming Software
Most of the time, you will find the studio busy. The staff knows what it needs to do. Employees of Games lab do not waste their time.

Game development is given priority. That is why this company is focusing on adding a team of experts. They will help in the further creation of slots and other online casino games.

For many years, Games Lab is making its name as a firm that is capable. That is true. The gaming company has the ability and resources to handle very complex projects.

Games Lab is doing so for many years. The staff takes care of some very peculiar projects such as:

·Game design.
· Creation of 3D animations.
·Mathematics (formulas that are of use in gaming).
· Interface design.

Other chores include:

· Soundtrack composition.
· Social marketing.
· Software integration.
· Custom audio.
The above are just part of what Games Lab is capable of doing.

Rich Caesar

Rich Caesar

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