Police Arrest Coeur Casino CEO?

Police Arrest Coeur Casino CEO For Allegedly Attacking Brother

Francis SiJohn is the CEO of an Idaho casino hotel. It appears the police put him under arrest for allegedly assaulting his brother.

According to preliminary reports by the police department, the victim in this battery case is a former tribal police chief.

Court documents filed late Tuesday indicate that the two brothers were together before the battery incident took place. In fact, one of the documents indicates that they were together drinking on the same table in Spokane.

At Spokane, it was the venue from which the argument between the two brothers ensued. However, the argument quickly ended and Cody a brother to Francis headed to his home in Post Falls.

However, before the two parted ways, Francis told Cody that he’d bring some guys with him. And that is what he did.

According to Cody, when he arrived home, his brother Francis followed him. It was only 5 minutes after coming home a car pulled in front of their house. When he went out to check, two guys pulled out of the car. One of them was his brother Francis, and the other one is still unknown.

Cody’s wife Denise saw the incident from the window of their home and immediately alerted the police. When the police arrived at Cody’s house, Francis and his other ‘guys’ had left the scene. However, police confirm that along the way they found a car whose description matched what they had in the records.

According to the police, the car they met on the way did not have taillights on. Besides, the car passed them very fast. They continue to say that in the car, there were two guys. Francis was a passenger while the other boy was driving the vehicle.

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However, police later arrested Francis. It wasn’t hard to find him. In fact, according to the police, Francis had substantive evidence that he was the one they were looking There was blood on his face, panties and his hands.
Police Arrest Coeur Casino CEO For Allegedly Attacking Brother
Besides, Francis’ has a swollen face. This was an indication that he had been involved in a fight. It was after a short interrogation that police took him to the police station.

When the police asked Francis what had happened, he would only say that he had involved in a small tangle. But after a few searches police found a pair of nunchucks in the vehicle. That revealed that it was not a mere tangle as he claimed.

After the interrogation, the two charged on suspicion of misdemeanor battery. For now, the boy has sent to Kootenai County Juvenile Detention Center.

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See What Happens To Coeur Casino CEO Under Arrest For Allegedly Attacking Brother?

On his part, Francis releases on bond after being held momentarily in Kootenai County Jail.

Cody’s wife Denise said that there was a third man in the battery incident. She, however, said that, from the window of their home, she could not see the identity of the third person.

Coeur d’Alene made Francis casino CEO in September 2016. But even before then, Francis had been working in the casino for more than ten years. But even before becoming a CEO, Francis had worked as the guest services coordinator. Besides, he’d served twice as a tribal council member, and at one point he served as the Vice-chairman. That was in 2005 through 2006.


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