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Find a local or online casino for your state by searching a full map of USA local casinos. We provide a map of local casinos in the United States of America. Also, we give directions to local casinos. Travel by train, plane or automobile. Find directions to go to local casinos to the individual U.S. States.

Search the Full Map of USA Local Casinos

We use Google maps because Google maps are compatible with most of the latest mobile Smartphones and tablets that are on the market. This Google map will give you a complete list of all local casinos in the United States of America.

Local Casino FAQ

How Many US States Have Casinos?

The PlaySlots4RealMoney review website is going to go over some of the most common local casino frequent asked questions. For instance, many people that play slots for real money want to know if there is a minimum age or a legal age that a United States residents have to be to gamble.

Yes, there is a legal age, but it is different for each different state. For instance, the legal age to gamble in New Jersey or Delaware may be very different from the legal age to gamble in Las Vegas Nevada or California. Most local casinos in the majority of the United States of America have a legal age of twenty-one years old and the folks at the local casinos will check your identification before allowing you to play slots for real money or any casino gambling game.

Another frequently asked question from the folks that play real money USA slots machines is if there is a benefit of staying in the same hotel as the local casinos. There may be some advantages depending on where you go to play slots for real money.

The benefits can be getting a free room or a better price of your hotel-casino room. You also have the luxury of being close to all of the gambling games, which makes it easier to play your favorite casino gambling game when you want. Some other benefits are being close to the other entertainments like the shows, restaurants, the clubs, and bars.

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There are a few more local casinos frequently asked questions we are going to cover like if you can ask an employee or a dealer for help if you can use your mobile Smartphone/cell phone and tablets, and if you do not know how to play a game and if the drinks are free.

Search For A Casinos In The United States

The first thing is if you are not sure how to play at game at a local casino or even at online or mobile casinos you can ask for help. The dealers and other employees are extremely helpful at most of the local casinos in the United States of America. Are you wondering if you can drink for free?

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Yes, in 99.9% of all of the casinos where you can legally gamble they do offer free drinks. Naturally, Most of the hotel casinos allow mobile Smartphone/cell phone and tablets. Also, you may not be able to take pictures while you are on the gaming floor.

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Yes, we found an excellent article on Wikipedia. Furthermore, the income from the Indian gaming casinos is thirty billion dollars. This money is approximately forty-three percent of the land gambling revenue.

We Provide Information

Seems like, PlaySlots4RealMoney is a USA casino review website. The goal is to provide information about other land casino gambling topics.

We cover the real money US online gambling news. Also, we will include a list of Indian land casinos. Furthermore, there are other things we want to add.

In the future, read about Indian Gaming Facts, and Indian Bingo Information. Learn gambling ages and the History of Indian Gaming. Discover information about Indian Gaming Regulation.

We hope that you found this information helpful. Above all, If you decide to gamble, we hope that you are one of the next lucky winners.

Discover Local Casinos Closest To Me

Most of the people that play online slots for real money come to our review website. Finally, they read ratings and find casinos by state.

Above all, our goal is to provide people looking for hotels with land casinos. Also, the best information on the Internet.

Do you need to visit a friend in Connecticut? Are you looking for a review of Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun? Above all, we have you covered! We rate and review real money online casinos. Also, include land casino gambling establishments.

What Are The Federally-Recognized Native America Indian Tribes

Do you live in the United States? Furthermore, Play the best online slots for real money anywhere. Try to find casinos by the state. Use our local casino finder. Do you know many Indian gaming operations there are in the United States of America?

Did you know Native Americans own most casinos. There are four hundred ninety-three Indian gaming operations.

The nation’s five hundred sixty-five federally-recognized Native America Indian tribes own two hundred forty-four of the land gambling establishments in twenty-eight of the fifty states in the U.S. Also, They bring in a grandiose amount of revenue that they do not have to pay tax to the United States government.

Is there anything particular that I should seek in a Land Based Casino?

There is a wide variety of land based casinos in America. However, there are some that are miles better than others. The first thing that most people look for is the range of games a casino has to offer. At the very least, land based casinos should have craps, video poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and slots. Also, it would be bet to steer clear from the glamour and glitz that many big casinos based in the United States have to offer.

Sure, having an energetic atmosphere is essential , but other you should also look for other things like fine dining, shows and other amenities to celebrate and enjoy.

Is it okay to stay at the Casino’s Hotel?

There are plenty of casinos in the United States that reward people for staying. Before you choose a casino, however, try searching for packages that would benefit you. It’s also worth keeping in mind that residing in a casino hotel offers a great deal of convenience when it comes to gambling. You can go down to your slot machine whenever you want and play your favorite game without any hassle.

What kind of things do local casinos allow you to bet on?

Local casinos in the United States allow you to bet on an incredible range of sports events and casino games. In most cases, slot machines are the choice casino game and preferred by thousands of players. That said, most brick and mortar casinos also offer other games like baccarat, roulette, blackjack and even poker rooms. U.S based players also love bingo and lottery games and plenty of casinos provide race books, allowing you to bet on various events.

How to Acquire Comps at Local Casinos?

Acquiring comps at local casinos is relatively simple. All you need to do is sit by your slot machine or your table and the casino management will serve you complementary food or alcohol. That said, it is important to remember that consuming alcohol while gambling may not be a wise choice as it could hinder your gambling skills, especially if consumed excessively.

Is it Safe to go to Land Based Casinos?

Contrary to popular belief, land based casinos are completely safe. Sure, there is no denying that plenty of casinos try to take advantage of their customers but they are very far and few. So, as long as you keep an eye out for casinos with malicious intent, you will be safe. In most cases, land based casinos tend to have high-level security for monitoring employees and patrons to make sure no one cheats.

The government also plays a part in auditing and regulating gambling corporations, making sure they are following the rules and regulations. For instance, Atlantic City and Las Vegas are strictly regulated with tremendous security.

What is the Maximum Winning Amount that Land Based Casinos Have to Offer?

The winning limits offered by land-based casinos essentially depends on where you are playing. Some renowned casinos in the United States can handle massive bets. However, when it comes to particular games such as slots, you will notice that the casino has a limit on how much one can win. If you are looking for larger jackpots, you will mostly find them in bigger casinos. On the other hand, lower casinos tend to offer lower winning limits.

Does the U.S Government Permit Casino Gambling?

This question is quite commonly asked by gambling enthusiasts. However, the answer to it is not as straightforward as one might think. Let’s put it this way, America’s federal low permits casino gambling, but the member states are free to impose their own regulation within their borders. It is a major reason why you will find casino gambling common in Nevada but forbidden in Utah.

While the commercial casinos are represented by the AGA or American Gambling Association, there are plenty of others like online gambling, games, wagering etc that may not be allowed in some states. That said, the state laws pertaining to casino gambling can always change. As a matter of fact, there are new bills passed quite frequently these days.

Which American State has the Highest Number of Land Based Casinos?

Atlantic City, New Jersey and Las Vegas Nevada are two of the biggest gambling areas in the U.S as they possess some of the most monumental land based casinos.

Gambling Legality in Top States

The list mentioned down below discusses whether gambling is legal in some of the top states in the U.S


The gambling scene in Florida is quite active and there are plenty of lotteries, horse tracks, and casinos in this state. That said, Florida is among the three of the best states with a prohibition law for internet poker. While you cannot run online casinos or poker websites in Florida, you can still play on friendly casinos or poker sites.


Currently, Illinois has been contemplating on a expending its gambling activities after gaining an annual revenue around 2.3 Billion Dollars. What’s more, the state also shows some leniency when it comes to various forms of online betting bingo games, and horse racing etc.

New York

Online gambling is not legal in New York. However, if you can still play on online casinos and poker sites on offshore sites. That said, there is a high chance of online gambling soon becoming legal in the U.S.


Pennsylvania is a great place for people who love gambling. The state has a decent amount of land based casinos along with state lottery, dog and horse racing facilities etc. For now Pennsylvania has deemed online gambling to be illegal, so the only way to enjoy this activity would be to choose an offshore site.


Mississippi residents can enjoy a huge variety of gambling games because of the availability of riverboat and casino gambling. Unlike the states mentioned above, online gambling is legal in Mississippi, so you can enjoy online casino games, poker etc at offshore casinos.


Virginia does not have any tribal casinos. However, the state does have state lottery, racetracks, and various charitable games. This state does not allow you to run online gambling sites.

New Jersey

Besides Nevada and Delaware, New Jersey is the only state that legalized online gambling. It’s also worth noting that New Jersey was quite popular among gamblers because of Atlantic City’s reputation and fame.


While running online casinos or poker sites is not legal in Kentucky, the state’s residents still participate in gambling activities through offshore gambling websites to play casino games or poker.

North Carolina

North Carolina has plenty of tribal casinos for people who prefer going to land based casinos. And, if you are someone who like online casino games or piker, you can find them on offshore gambling websites.


Oregon is surprisingly lenient when it comes to gambling laws as the state permits online race track and horse betting. You can also go to a variety of tribal casinos in this state and some of them even have tier points to make your experience worthwhile. So far, online gambling is not permitted in Oregon, so you can only play on offshore casinos and poker websites.


Where Can I Find the Best Casinos in the United States

With thousands of casinos present all across the United States, choosing one that would suit you can be a bit daunting. However, the states mentioned below have arguably the best land based casinos in the U.S.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Virtually everybody knows about the renowned Strip avenue based in Las Vegas. It is the prime location for all of the casinos present in this state. Initially, Las Vegas used to be the only area where one could gamble legally, which is why it is also known as the gambling capital. There are more than two hundred land based casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada with slot machines, table games etc. Some of the best casinos you will find in this state are the Santa Fe Station, Venetian Casino and the MGM Grand.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is not as big of a gambling destination than Las Vegas, but it still holds its own. The state’s Harrah casino is one of the best and has excellent table games such as poker and blackjack. You can also opt for slots and horse Racing at the Fair Grounds course.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Once again, Atlantic City may not be as big as Vegas, but it is still quite popular among American gamblers. Atlantic city’s main development started during the 1970s, after which is became a mecca for casino lovers. Popular casino hotspots in this area are the Tropicana, Harrah’s, Golden Nugget, Sands Casino, and Caesar Atlantic. New Jersey also has plenty of resorts you can go to if you want to spend a vacation and spend your holidays gambling.


Being the third biggest gambling market of the United States, Mississippi is a tremendous destination for travelers and tourists. The first casino in this state was established during the 1990s. Ever since that time, the casino industry has been growing at a rapid pace. The Silver Slipper Casino and the Bally’s Tunica are arguably the best casinos in Mississipi, although there are plenty of others that you might enjoy.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a widely famous gambling destination for locals as well as tourists. The state has a lot more to offer than its massive skyscrapers. You will find plenty of land based casinos in Chucago, with Majestic Star being the most famous one. It has around two thousand slot machines on offer.


There are more than one hundred and fifty card rooms and land based casinos in the state of California, making it the perfect gambling area for residents of the west coast. The Pala Casino, Harrah’s Rincon, and the Hustler Casinos are hands down the best casinos California has to offer.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is a massive city that has loads and loads of tourist sites, restaurants, museums and casinos. While people may not specifically go to this state for gambling purposes, but that doesn’t mean that Pennsylvania doesn’t have its fair share of tremendous land based casinos. The Harrah’s Philadelphia casino, is especially popular among enthusiasts because of its poker rooms, table games and a lot more. The Sugar House, Parx Racetrack, Rivers Casino and Parx Casino are a couple of other options worth exploring in this State.


You will find a slew of casinos in the Sunshine State. Currently, there are around two dozen land-based casinos in Florida, and there could be a lot more added within the next decade. If you want to get entertained to the fullest, choosing any of the casinos this state has to offer would be a great idea. The games present in Florida’s casinos are tremendous and will leave you wanting to play more. The Seminole Hard Rock Casino is one of the best ones in this state. That said, the magic city casino, Seminole coconut creek casino, and the big easy are not far behind.


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