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Do you even ask what that is as if it is jargon? 777igt slot machines are products of 777igt, a gaming developer from the Philippines. If you thought that gaming developers are from a specific section of the world alone, you are wrong. This gaming company centers on iGaming. The beauty is that while some developers concentrate on a particular game, such as slots alone, 777igt diversifies. This casino gaming software creates among other games, online slots, table games as well as live dealer games

Although the gaming company centers in iGaming, some of its products are in several facilities made of brick and mortar. It is true that 777igt operates from an office in Pearl Drive in the capital Manila. However, you will be surprised to learn that most of its products are consumed far away beyond the Philippines.

Thanks to the internet, 777igt’s games are available every licensed casino in the world. But you are right to ask, “For how long has 777igt been in operation?”

About 777IGT Casino Gaming Software

The casino gaming software has been producing various casino games for more than eight years. During that time, 777igt has built a vast number of games on virtually every gaming facility.

It is true that for the more than eight years, the gaming developer has diversified its production. Nonetheless, it has always remained with the focus on the iGaming sector, which according to the company is the way to go.

From a humble beginning, the gaming developer has grown to supply its clients with quite some fanciful games. Live dealer games, complete cross-platform solutions, as well as mobile-compatible games, are all that the company has provided.
777 IGT Gaming Software

As the market for the company’s products continues to grow, 777igt has been a force to make permanent deals. At least that is what the gaming company has been doing since 2012.

777igt has successfully secured business partnerships and deals both at the local and international level. Some of the countries where 777igt is now licensed include Cambodia, Thailand and several other places in south-east Asia.

The gaming developer has also made substantive inroads in Austria, Peru, and the U.S..

All these countriesand places that have been mentioned are not mere geographical places. They are potential markets that the gaming developer has identified. The company continues to supply casinos in these areas with various gaming products.

This gaming company from the Philippines has so far produced over 100 slot machines. Some of these slots, at least a half of the total are variants of the already existing games. You can imagine the kind of innovation or adjustments on the games.

Here are some of the games by 777igt:

• Zombie Head.
• Zombie World.
• Aladdin.
• Aladdin’s Treasure.
• Aliens Z.
• Army God.
• Astrospace.
• Baby G.
Big Shot.
• Robo Punk.
• Rome.
• Big Show.
• Constellation.
• Crome.
Gold Rush.
• Golden Miner.
• Hunting.
• Vampire Castle.
• Victory.
• Icy World.
• Dragons.
• Duck.
• Green Jungle.
• Happy Farm.
• Horoscope.
• Hot G.

Whether you come from the Far East where 777igt slot machines are made or from the west, it is a good thing to try some of the free games.

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