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Have you played Aristocrat games before? The reason for asking this question is because there is a link between Aristocrat games and Ainsworth casino gaming software. To go straight to the fact, the owner and founder of Aristocrat, Len Ainsworth is the current chairman of Ainsworth, producers of the unprecedented Ainsworth online slot machines. When Len founded Aristocrat Gaming back in 1953, how old were you? Had you started playing online casino game?

Learn About Ainsworth Casino Gaming Software

History reveals that Len was very instrumental in those days. As a young and energetic man, he did all he could for the company. In fact, he even made it number two in the whole world in producing slots. If you think that Len Ainsworth has lost the vigor and energy to spur growth, you will be proven wrong. Just to mention, how popular are the Ainsworth online slots as we speak? Very popular! Over the years, Len has learned the secrets of surviving in this ever-dynamic gambling world. Today, Ainsworth slots have a massive following.

Aristocrat Games

Players who once enjoyed Aristocrat games because of their graphics and sound effects have changed their minds. Many of them now say that Ainsworth online slots are innovations of the millennium. The casino gaming software now proudly produces slots that have very distinctive sounds. The symbols and characters on various playing cards are remarkable.

Distinctive Sounds

With the help of 3D , which was seldom in the late 1950s and early 60s Len Ainsworth has been able to develop quality slots. They fit with the kind of graphics found nowhere else.
Ainsworth Casino Gaming Software
Note that for the many years Len has been in the industry, he has used most of his time on live casinos. It is only because of the change of weather that has made him diversify into online games.


Hitherto, he still operates some facilities across the U.S. His love and experience in the live casino industry have however not deterred his venture into Ainsworth themed slot machines. With Len’s games having a live casino feel, many players feel so much at home. Some of those who feel so are the caliber of Len who for one reason or another have spent most of their time on a section of the gaming world. Are you the type of gaming enthusiast who loves intensive reel and spinning experience? Do you love elaborate bonus features? If the answer is yes, Ainsworth gaming software produces these online slots for you.

Crazy Innovations

From that humble beginning back in the 1950s when there was no internet and computers were for the affluent, Ainsworth has shown that anything is possible. Today, thanks to his ‘crazy’ online innovations that have a live feel, gamers can enjoy several games. As they do this, they assure walking away with huge bucks of money.

You will be surprised that many notable online games are Len’s innovations. Check this sample:

1. Grand Bazaar.
2. Hotter Than Hot.
3. Jungle Monkeys.
4. King Chameleon.
5. Flash Cash.
6. Rich n Wild.
7. Roaming Reels.
8. Flying Horse.
9. Light ’em Up.
10. Mayan Gold.
11. Jade Tiger.
12. Wild Fire Riches.
14. Winning Wolf.
15. Jungle Monkeys.
16. Stormin 7’s.
17. Sun Chief.
18. Twice the Money.
19. Wild Fire Riches.
20. Crazy Goose.
21. Crystal Cash.

It is true that you can be around thinking you have done a lot. But when you look at guys like Len who have come up with Ainsworth online slots, you tell yourself you also can.

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