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The Altea Casino Gaming Software

Altea Gaming produces their games Belgrade, but they do have working staff all over Europe. Altea Gaming develops slots, table games, and other casino gaming software used in online casinos. It has been working in HTML5 to code games played in the browser without having to download the software. AG emphasizes on IU/UX and focuses on creating games to bring in players and keep them hooked. They also develop back-office tools which enable casinos to monitor and manage their site and custom titles which bears the clients information.

International Operation

Altea Gaming is a corporation of IT companies specialized in the management of casino systems and games. It has a lot of experience because it has traded in Eastern Europe and other gaming strongholds like Malta. Over the last ten years, it has been making its way into the US market. Just like many software developers, AG doesn’t have time to maintain their social channels and the Facebook page is dormant.

Altea Gaming is a dynamic and forward-thinking company that incorporates the latest technology in good effect. Its employees are a variation of young as seasoned talents. AG works hand in hand with their clients to deliver games suitable for their needs regardless of the demand or specificity. Enterprising developers interested in joining the Alteatec Group are welcome to send in their submissions.

Powerful Back office Tools

AGP serves as the company’s’ proprietary back office software designed to incorporate the Paladix Casino Management system. AGP links to any number of content management using API. The gaming software allows clients to add new games to the platform when available. They are also able to include their games with Altea Gaming; this is an advantageous revenue share deal.

AGP back office can be accessed anytime from any place because it is a web-based reporting system. The clients can view real-time reports with the data shown in graphs and charts which gives an insight into the casino performance. Clients can also activate automated email reports based on different variables and timeframes of their choice.
The interface is easy to use and is built using Java.

All Things Mobile

There is no changing AGS gaming commitment to mobile. This is because the company not only sees the future of gaming but also their future is in mobile devices. The online casino game are compatible with all devices.
Altea Casino Gaming Software |Search Slot Machine By Maker
Despite heavily investing in HTML5, Altea gaming hasn’t given up Flush. Their games are in every multimedia avenue, and the clients can choose what best suits their needs. The company aims to create new games on a weekly basis.

Bright Chirpy Slots

Find the slots in web-based casinos. They characterize games with bright colors. Altea boasts cartoon graphics, and chirpy sound effects. These add appeal to the game. They invite a wider market. Altea Gaming invites a simpler approach.

Scratch Games

The folks Altea Gaming take advantage of the popularity of scratch games.  See their scratch card based on the game market.

Altea Gaming Today

Altea Gaming slot machines are surely gaining a firm foothold in the game industry and can take advantage of the casino gaming software to be more creative with time and come up with even more games. Top

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