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You have probably heard of bally Wulff slot machine, or this could be the first you hear of it. Either way, you should know that just like other online casino games, it also relies heavily on casino gaming software for its functionality. It is irrefutable that Germans are quite adept at creating amazing things. Car engines, for example, are quite efficient and handy, wouldn’t you say? When it comes to sport, the best football teams comes from German in the last decades. This is debatable though.

It would appear that their technical knowledge has made its way into the e-gaming. This is as seen by the work of Bally Wulff which is a company based in Berlin. The company is a leading developer and seller of gaming machines to the German market. Bally Wulff doesn’t only create arcade gaming machines but also has interests in other leisure projects. The firm has grown to become a household name with the fitness equipment market and venue management industry.


Bally Wulff came on the scene in 1950 as a small-scale manufacturer of gaming and entertainment machines. The original Gunter Wulff Company was bought out by Bally manufacturing company in 1972. Bally Wulff manufacturing has achieved amazing milestones. Selling 10,000 Rototron game machine units was huge.

The Rototron game machine the very first production of laser beam games for SEGA. It also introduced ‘magic jackpot’ which was the first in German betting market.

In the recent past, the company went through another change in ownership, and since 2007, it is owned by the SCHMIDT Group. This is one of the biggest suppliers of products in IT, fitness and real estate. The company is slowly expanding into the Italian and Spanish gambling regions.

Bally Wulff Capital Club

As a game maker, Bally Wulff is endeavoring to present a very personable business style. This aims to portray the human aspect of the company and strives to unite its personnel. Bally Wulff Capital Club organizes get together among industries and seminars which allows for exchange between companies.
Bally Wulff Gaming Software


It is not all about creating entertainment for Bally Wulff. They want to make sure that everyone gets to enjoy themselves.

They have a foundation that supports children and young people. The organization provides foosball tables and bicycles. It also gives laptops to the under-funded social clubs and schools in the district.

The Hardware

The firm has a wide range of game portals that fit every specification as required by casinos and players. They have widescreen slanted machines with a multi-screen setup. The program every physical game machine to feature different game packages. Each package contains a separate game catalog. They have special capabilities like auto start and the quick spin.

Free Bally Wulff Slot Machine Games

Bally Wulff recognizes the need to adapt to the changes in game markets. Also, they recently created different slot games.

· Crystal Ball.

· Disc of Athena.

· Asena.

· Book of Romeo and Julia.

· Book of the Ages.

· Beautiful Nature.

· Black Beauty.

· Book of Crazy Children.

All the Bally Wulff slot Machine games have a pleasing appearance designed to appeal to the player. And as a company with their casino gaming software, nothing is standing in their way.

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